Can I register my swimmer if I am not Highland Shores Resident?

    Yes. All parents (guardians) of active swimmers and all active swimmers are considered members of the Highland Shores Hurricanes Swim Team. Active swimmers will generally be defined as swim team fee-paying customers that must own/rent property in Highland Shores or non-resident members who pay an additional $50.00 fee per family to Highland Shores. All Non-Resident members must reside in Highland Village, not exceed more than !5% of the total membership, and never take precedence over a Resident's position as a member. All members must be in good standing with the Highland Shores Owners Association. HOWEVER, any children of the Highland Shores Hurricanes Swim Team coaching staff (not to exceed three children) will also be considered members of the Highland Shores Swim Teams.

Do I have to attend every practice?
    Swimmers are encouraged to attend all practice times, however, it is not mandatory. If you know you are going to miss several days of practice (vacation, camp) please let the coach know in advance.


What if my child doesn’t like it, can I get my money back?

     If your swimmer does not pass the Safe in the Water Test which is performed during our first practice, you will receive a 100% refund. After that, withdrawals received in writing before May 31st will receive a refund equal to 75% of the registration cost. Any withdrawals after May 31st will not receive a refund.

What should I bring to a meet and practices?

     Sunscreen, 2 pairs of goggles, swim cap, extra hair bands, and towel. For meets, bring all of these and a chair (for parents!) and a cooler packed with LOTS of healthy drinks and snacks. A concession stand is sometimes available at meets. Also, swimmers may want to bring something to occupy themselves between events, ie cards, books, toys, etc.

What if I can’t work volunteer time?

      If you need to switch your volunteer day/time, you are responsible to find a replacement. Be sure to let the volunteer coordinator know. Not showing up at your shift may result in your swimmer not competing at the following meet. If work schedules or physical limitations prohibit you from volunteering at a meet, talk to the volunteer coordinator about alternative volunteer positions.