Each family is required to work a specified number of jobs during the season.  This number varies from year to year depending on our registration.  If your child is swimming at any invitational meet or championship meet, you will be required to work jobs at these events.  These jobs are above and beyond your dual meet assignments.    

It is very important that every parent complete this commitment.  We cannot run a meet without the support of our parents.  Please remember, it is not fair to our children, other parents and the opposing team if you do not show up to your scheduled job.  We do understand that emergency situations arise, but it is your responsibility to find a replacement.

Workers for invitational meets, Classic, and City meets will be assigned when worker requirements are received from the respective meet.  These meets do not count toward work credits.  If you have a swimmer(s) attending these meets you are considered eligible to work these meets.

We have a  No-Show PolicyYou are expected to be at your assigned post per the time designated in the job description.  A “no show” equates to 15 minutes after this time unless other arrangements have been made with the chairperson. Each “no show” will cost $25. After a third “no show”, your child will not be allowed to swim in the next meet. If you have not paid your “no show” fees, your child will not be eligible to participate in the end-of-season ceremony

Descriptions of the jobs and check-in times can be found in the Job Descriptions section under the Jobs tab.