About NAC & FAQ's

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I have to be a good swimmer to join the team?

In order to swim competitively, all you need to be able to do is swim 25 yards of freestyle and backstroke (This is the length of most pools). If you are unable to swim that length, you will start out in the pre-beginner's program, where you will to taught how to swim.

2. Do I have to tryout?
No. We hold swimmer evaluations to help us place swimmers into appropriate groups. As your skill level improves, you will be placed in the next higher group.

3. What if I’m involved in other sports?
Most of our swimmers participate in other activities, too. Our practices are usually offered 5 days a week to allow for more opportunities to participate. During the summer, practices are in the morning. During the winter, they are held after school.

4. Are meets held every weekend?
No, and it is up to you how many meets you enter based on your schedule. You can visit our summer Meet Schedule or winter Meet Schedule pages to get an idea of the swim meets that we attend.

5. Is there a lot of travel involved?
Most of our meets are in the Northwest Ohio area and at our home pool, although we will offer the opportunity for road trips to other parts of the state or surrounding states. All are optional.

6. Where are practices held?
Practices are held at the Napoleon High School Natatorium in the fall/winter season and at the Napoleon City Pool during the summer. Click here for the current practice schedule.

7. Can I join anytime?
Yes, you may join the team anytime throughout the year. Your fees will be pro-rated accordingly.

8. Do the boys have to wear “speedos” ?
No, although they are still around, many of the boys opt for the knee-length “jammer” suit.

9. What is the cost?
The cost is based on the group your swimmer is placed in. The NAC fee schedule is very competitive and affordable. In fact, NAC fees are up to 3-5 times (or more) less expensive than some of the larger clubs in Ohio. The range is from $95 to $145, for both the winter season and the same for the summer season. These rates are one of the lowest in Ohio! (I haven't seen any lower). It's an exceptional value!!

10. Who does the coaching and what are their certifications?
We have a staff of professional, experienced coaches who love what they do. They are all certified through USA Swimming and are required to maintain CPR, Coaches Safety & First Aid plus other coaching certifications. Chris Millen is our Head Coach.

11. Do I have to live in Napoleon to join.
We encourage and welcome swimmers from the surrounding communities to join NAC as well as those who live in Napoleon.