$5 discount for each family

Referral Program

At Hip2Swim, we realize providing quality service is a top priority. When parents bring their children for multiple sessions and bring their friends along, we are confident in how we are preparing children to be water safe and develop their swimming abilities.

Our referral program is our way of saying “Thank you.” With a referral card from an existing family, you and your friend will each receive a $5 discount on your next session. For example, the Hunt family gives a card to the Villalon family. The Villalon family decides to sign up their 6 year old child, and the Hunt family signs up their 8 year old child for the same session. When the Villalon family sends in the check to secure the spot, they will send in $105 with the referral card. The Hunt family will also send in $105 for their child's spot. Discounts are only valid with a referral card.