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A Johnson County Park & Recreation District Program

A Competitive Swim Team for Everyone--- From Beginners to Olympians

The Kansas City Blazers is the premier competitive swim program in the Midwest. In addition to having the most swimmers in the Kansas City area, the team regularly wins all of the local and regional championship meets, and sends swimmers to national meets.

The Kansas City Blazers Swim Team offers training and practice groups for swimmers of all ages and ability levels. It is the goal of the Kansas City Blazers Swim Team to offer age specific training for all of our athletes geared towards challenging each individual and developing each individual to the best of THEIR abilities.

In keeping with our philosophy of providing a well-rounded and quality competitive swimming program for swimmers of all ages and abilities, the Kansas City Blazers offer professional technique instruction and training. The program is divided into smaller practice groups (described below) based on skill level and commitment. This allows practices to be geared toward the individual needs of each swimmer. Program fees vary based on practice groups and participation.  We are a competitive swim team and as such, members are expected to participate in periodic and skill appropriate swim meets.  Our programs are offered at several different pool sites in the area. 

Interested in joining our team?  Open try-outs are held in August.  New swimmers are asked to attend try-outs or schedule and evaluation prior to registering.

To schedule an evaluation, please contact Coach Shawn Lynn-Bequette

Our Practice Groups:


The Pre-Blazers group (pre-competitive) will provide an introduction to competitive swimming through skill development and having fun. For swimmers ages 6-11 who are water safe, have had lessons, and are interested in learning about competitive swimming. This group provides a bridge between lessons and competitive swimming.

Attendance is 20 sessions (twice per week for 10 weeks)


Age Group I

Age Group I is offered for novice and intermediate swimmers at our California Trail Middle School and Roeland Park locations.  With an emphasis on stroke technique and mechanics, activities include instruction in stroke technique, starts, and turns. Experiencing and understanding body position and movement while having fun are important elements for the Age Group I group.

How to Join: Age Group I pre-requisites, financial & volunteer obligations


Age Group II

Age Group II I is offered for novice and intermediate swimmers at our California Trail Middle School and Roeland Park locations.  With an emphasis on stroke technique and mechanics, activities include instruction in stroke technique, starts, and turns. Experiencing and understanding body position and movement while having fun are important elements for the Age Group I group.

How to Join: Age Group II pre-requisites, financial & volunteer obligations


Junior II

Junior II is designed for the intermediate age group swimmer aged 10 to 14 years old who is interested in pursuing competitive swimming as their primary sport.  Emphasis is on correct stroke mechanics, with an introduction to fitness training philosophies. Junior II is offered at our Blue Valley West High School and Shawnee Mission North High School locations

How to Join: Junior II pre-requisites, financial & volunteer obligations


Junior I

Junior I is intended for the advanced age group swimmer aged 11 to 14 years old.  Emphasis continues to be on stroke technique and mechanics with further development in interval training, aerobic conditioning, and competitive swimming practice.

How to Join: Junior I pre-requisites, financial & volunteer obligations


Senior II

Senior II offers a broad-based training approach for high school-aged athletes aged 14 years and older, with general conditioning and technique work.  This group is appropriate for swimmers needing more base work while discovering their specialties and goals, and for those who want to get in shape for high school and summer league swimming. Monthly fee reflects an adjustment in fundraising commitment.

How to Join: Senior II pre-requisites, financial & volunteer obligations


Senior I

Senior I is designed for swimmers high school swimmers who plan to transition to the National Group. Emphasis is placed on improved techniques, aerobic conditioning, increased dryland activities, goal setting, and race strategy. National level training concepts and philosophy are introduced and developed.

How to Join: Senior I pre-requisites, fees, financial & volunteer requirements



National group is an elite training group preparing swimmers for Sectionals, Nationals, and beyond. Training includes 9-10 swimming sessions per week, 2-3 strength training sessions per week, core strength work, and running. Emphasis is on setting and achieving goals via a comprehensive competitive swimming program. Focus is on understanding training principles, setting and achieving goals and maximizing realized potential.

Team Fee Requirements

Family Registration Fee:

The cost to register each family with the Kansas City Blazers is $150.00. This registers or renews the family in our system, provides funds to cover pool rental and entry fees prior to billing, and allows participation in various parties, activities, and prizes throughout the swim year.

Swimmer Registration Fee:

This registers each swimmer with the Kansas City Blazers, provides each swimmer with a Kansas City Blazer cap and shirt, and registers the swimmer with USA Swimming. Cost is $75 for each swimmer.

Monthly Training Fees:

  • Pre-Blazers: $250 for 10 week session (swimmer attends practice 2 x per week),
  • $200 for 8 week session (Winter and Spring).
  • Age Group I: $100
  • Age Group II: $100
  • Junior II: $126
  • Junior I: $142
  • Senior II $135
  • Senior I: $152
  • Senior/National: $186*

* By registering for Senior/National, you are acknowledging your 11-month payment obligation to the program.

Registering On-line through Team Unify

New families will need to create an on-line account through Team Unify to register your swimmer.

  • Go to
  • Beneath ‘Member Sign-In,’ select ‘Start Registration’ and select ‘Check Status or Continue
  • Fill out the required fields and continue following the prompts
  • Once the registration process has been completed, swimmers will be approved by a member of our staff and swimmers will be eligible to begin attending practice!  Please be sure to verify your e-mail address to receive team information and updates. 

You will log in to your Team Unify account to register for swim meets and various team events, volunteer sign-up, billing, access to our Blazer Team Store for equipment purchases and your swimmers individual best times and practice attendance.

Questions about this process?  Contact our Business Manager, Stacy Christie:

Phone: 913.826.3036


Paying Your Invoice

All meets and training fees are billed through your Team Unify account. There are 3 ways to pay:

  • Mail a check:
  • KC Blazers
  • 6501 Antioch Rd
  • Shawnee Mission, KS 66202
  • Auto pay through a credit card can be set up on your Team Unify account.  The fee for this is 3% + $.50. The declined credit card fee is $10.00
  • Auto pay through a bank draft/ACH can be also set up on your Team Unify account. The fee is $1.25 per month.
  • All automatic payments are processed on the 1st of the month.

All payments must be received by the 20th of the month to avoid a $15.00 late fee.

Meet Fees

For our Blazer Series Intrasquad meets, swimmers are charged a flat fee for entries as outlined on the meet page.

When swimmers participate in other meets, each swimmer is billed for their meet entries (which are paid to the host club), as well as coaches’ meet fees. For local meets, each swimmer is billed $10 for coach staffing at the meet. Out of town meets are $15 for Missouri Valley area meets, $25 for meets outside the Missouri Valley area, and $50 for national meets.

Fundraising and Volunteer Requirements

Swim-a-thon Obligations:

Swim-A-Thon is typically the largest fundraising event for swim teams, and this is true for the Blazers. This is a fun and exciting opportunity for swimmers to obtain donations for each lap they swim.

  • NEW Age Group I & II Swimmers: Supporting the program by participation in the Swim-A-Thon is encouraged.
  • RETURNING Age Group I & II Swimmers: Responsible for $100 in donations.
  • Junior I swimmers: Responsible for $150 in donations.
  • Junior I, Senior I and National Swimmers: Responsible for $150 in donations.
  • Senior II Swimmers: Supporting the program through participation is encouraged
  • Pre-Blazers:  No Requirement

Volunteer Hours:

Swimming is a volunteer sport, as swim meets are staffed from meets for beginners to the highest levels almost entirely by volunteers. Volunteer positions include timers, officials, safety marshals, meet directors, computer operators, hospitality coordinators, announcers, and many other positions. Because swimming is a volunteer sport, each family needs to volunteer to assure the success of the sport and the team. These volunteer obligations can be fulfilled in a variety of ways, including working at swim meets, helping staff triathlons sponsored by JCPRD, or completing other jobs that can be done partially or entirely from home.  Each family is responsible for fulfilling the volunteer obligations of the highest level swimmer in the family:

  • Age Group I Families: 8 hours
  • Age Group II Families: 12 hours
  • Junior II Families: 15 hours
  • Junior I Families: 18 hours
  • Senior I Families: 18 hours
  • Senior II Families: 8 hours

Championship meets are very important to the entire swimming community and can only run effectively with strong volunteer participation.  Families are expected to do their best to support the volunteer obligations for Championship meets, as listed below:

  • Districts Meets hosted by KC Blazers: 2 shifts per family*
  • Championship Meets hosted by KC Blazers: 3 shifts per family*
  • *Hours are assigned based on the highest level swimmer in your family.  Families are required to fulfill their obligation regardless of whether their swimmers choose to compete.

Families must complete hours between September 1, 2017 – August 31, 2018. Obligations outstanding at the end of the season will be charged at a rate of $25 per hour.

Shifts per family may be reduced based on the number of Blazer swimmer entries in the meet.  Any change to the number of required positions will be announced at the time volunteer positions are posted.

Volunteer jobs are posted on our website, and parents and swimmers can sign up for specific jobs. Volunteer hours are automatically totaled once the hours have been completed. For families who cannot volunteer, we offer a volunteer buy-out of $25 per hour. While the “buy-out” is an option, our strong preference is that all parents and families volunteer, participate in, and take advantage of supporting our program.  Volunteer FAQ’s


Welcome to the Blazers!