Please sign up for your preference of volunteer slots based on the following:

  • 1 swimmer (not Pre-Team) = 3 credits
  • 2 or more swimmers = 4 credits

1 Credit = working a full swim meet  

  • Wednesday B Meet Timers
    • 5 pm-7 pm shift = 1/2 credit
    • 7 pm-9 pm shift = 1/2 credit
  • Parking Attendants work from ~1 hour before the meet begins up through meet half-time =  1 credit.  Attendants will need to direct traffic at both ends of Cambria Ave.  Duties include:
    1. ​Ensure only visitors are parking cars in the pool parking lot
    2. Make sure that cars are not blocking resident driveways and parking illegally
    3. Make sure that the temporary parking spaces from the front of the pool entrance up pass the side access gate is clear.  This space is reserved for food trucks, swimmer drop-off/pick up, pizza delivery, supply drop-offs and ice-cream truck only.  No parking allowed

We will be tracking credits for each event that a volunteer works, and updating Team Unify after the swim meet.  Please make sure you check in with the team representatives when you arrive at the meet.


You must stay at your position until the meet is over (unless you are a B meet timer or parking attendant)!  The times listed on the volunteer signup are only for our purposes in tracking families’ obligations, they do not necessarily correspond with how long you will be needed to work.

If for some reason you are unable to work a meet for which you have signed up, you are responsible for finding a substitute.  If you sign up for a meet in which your child does not swim, you are still responsible to work the meet or find a substitute.  

We will also need each family to work at the A Relay Carnival, B Relay Carnival, Divisionals or an All-Star Meet later in the season based on which of those meets your children participate in.  Pre-Team parents will only be responsible for volunteering at the Mini Meet. This is in addition to your regular season commitment.

We reserve the right to make changes to the volunteer schedule if necessary, and we will inform you of any changes before we make them.


1.       Click on the “Events” tab

2.       Click on the “Job Signup” button for the meets at which you wish to work

3.       Select the checkbox next to the job you wish to fill and click “Signup”

Families that do not sign up for volunteer slots will be signed up by the Team Reps, and your children may not swim in meets if you do not volunteer. 

If you incur expenses while doing your volunteer job for the team, please use the expense reimbursement form to ask for reimbursement.  Please check with or if need to be reminded what your budget is for the season.