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Swim Lessons/Clinics

Our swim lesson program has gone mobile for the Summer of 2020.  Our instructors will come to your home to work with your swimmers in socially distanced settings. Check back soon for details!


San Jose Swim & Racquet Club (for SJSRC members only)- for more info about these lessons, please contact us at [email protected] OR pick up a registration form in the SJSRC office.

How many sessions must I enroll in? You may sign up for 1 or more sessions at a time. There is no minimum requirement.

Can you hold a lesson session for me? We can hold spots for up to THREE DAYS if you email your request. During that time, please mail or drop off your registration form. After three days, if we have not received your form, we open the session and time up to other swimmers.

How do I know if I am confirmed into the time/date I requested? Upon receipt of your registration form, we will book you into our system and email you a confirmation. If you choose, we will also call you on the Thursday prior to your session to remind you of your lesson time.

Do you prorate lessons? In the rare occasion that we have a time slot available for lessons after the start of the session, we would be happy to pro-rate your session (if you began on the second or third day of the session.)

What happens if I miss a lesson? THERE ARE NO MAKE-UP LESSONS. For extreme circumstances, we will offer a credit to be used towards another session (funerals, major illness, etc…) If a swimmer has NOT started the session, they can transfer their registration to another session (space permitting.) If they HAVE begun the session, we can not transfer payment to a different session.

How are swimmers paired up in semi-private lessons? Two swimmers in semi-private lessons must sign up together (and have each other’s name on the registration form.) Your swimmer will NOT be automatically signed up with another student if you would like a semiprivate class.

What is the difference between semi-private and private lessons? Semi-private lessons work well when you need your similar ability level children to swim at the same time and there are no other instructors available. It is a very good way for busy parents to have their swimmers complete their lessons within the same 25 minute lesson time IF there is only one instructor available. In most cases, siblings are at different levels of experience thus making private lessons much more beneficial. Some kids work better with another swimmer around, while it may be a
distraction for others.

Can my child play on the steps while the other one has a lesson? No, once swim time is over, they must exit teaching area. Swim lesson lanes are reserved solely for instruction during the designated times.

Do you require swim diapers? All newly potty trained or diapered swimmers must wear a plastic pants style swim diaper or tightly fitting plastic pants over their disposable diaper.

What if my child CAN NOT perform a specific skill or is scared to try? Our lessons here are different from any other program. The lesson will flow with the pace of your child. Specific skills can be skipped OR emphasized
based on the parents’ request. Do you offer lessons for children with special needs? Yes, our teachers work with special needs children.