Website FAQ's

Declaring My Meet Attendance

  • We need to know whether or not you are attending a meet or event; once the billing portion of the site is up and running you will automatically be billed for an event unless you let us know you are NOT attending, so please get in the habit now of declaring your meet attendance (besides - we worry about your entry if you haven't responded).  You must select the Attend This Event button on any Meet/Event page to start the process -- even if you are not attending!  We cannot change this.  Open this pdf to view a quick tutorial on the process please.


  • My Account
  • My Meet Results
  • Modify the "Date of Swim" Selections (From Date and To Date) - you can view the archived meet schedule to help you narrow your selections.
  • Click the Search Button
  • When your individual results appear, click the name of the meet in the Meet Column to the far right of the output screen. 
  • A pop up screen will open with the Full Meet Results.  From this screen you can search results by team, by athlete, gender, top times, age groups, distance and strokes.  You can even view splits (if any) by clicking on any underlined time in the Finals column.
  • To print results select the printer friendly button on the very bottom of the left hand side of the page.  Another output screen will appear; at the top of this screen select Print Now!
About ID #'s:
  • Every athlete (referred to as a member) has an ID # whether or not they are registered USA.  This unique ID # acts as the anchor in all of the various databases that work to present your information on the website - meet entries, results, improvements, records, billing information, roster groups, etc.  Your ID # is built from your first name, middle initial, last name and birth date.  If you modify any of this information for your athlete you will change the athlete's ID # and parts of your athlete's data will no longer be accessible.  Therefore, any changes to the athlete's information that affects the ID # must be made by team administrators.
How do I add another email address to my account?
  • After you have activated your account you can select My Account from the left hand column.  In your "Billing Account" (parent account) you have the option of adding additional email addresses in the first panel of information.  If you scroll down the page a bit you will see a tab for "Guardians" - please click that tab and you will see the fields for adding additional telephone numbers.  If you would like to add telephone numbers for your athlete you can do so under the Member Profile screen which is accessed by clicking the athlete's name at the bottom of the Billing Account screen.