CAST Swimmers

Captains' Corner

Congrats CAST on another amazing short course season! Over this last season we had some outstanding swims from our younger swimmers, won the spirit award at champs, and had some fast swims from our fellow sectional swimmers.


With spring break just ending, hopefully this has given you time to clear your head and take a break from the “swimming mentality”. This has given us the opportunity to have a new perspective on swimming that boosts our work ethic! (:


Now that we are entering long course season, these next few months (April and May) are some of the most important training months of the year. There are less than a few months until our next championship meet. This next month of training is crucial to our long course season. We totally understand wanting to hang out with friends as we head towards the end of the school year. Part of being a well-rounded person is balancing your social life and swim life! It is good to take a few days off here and there but there is definitely a balance between the two. We want you to come to practice for the next few months and be ready to train hard with a smile on your face!


Finally, with the CAST banquet on May 6th we strongly urge everyone to attend. Even if you are new or haven't been with the team for long, this is a great opportunity to make new friends and bond with them outside of the pool. Also come and enjoy a silent auction, some good food, and a recap of the past swimming year!


See you on the pool deck!

- Sarah and Chang