Midlakes Swim League began its journey to provide competitive aquatic opportunities in 1954.  It has grown to include 26 private clubs in the greater Seattle and east side regions ranging from Renton to the south, Kirkland to the north, Seattle to the west and Issaquah to the east.  Over 4,300 athletes compete from late May thru August in swimming, diving and water polo competitions.  Using guidelines and standards from USS swimming, U.S. diving, AAU (Amateur Athletic Union), and United States Water Polo athletes are not only mastering aquatic skills but life skills in sportsmanship, community, character and confidence.  Midlakes attributes it’s enthusiastic and committed volunteers for the success of the League over its 60 year history.


In the late 1930's, various public beaches in the greater Seattle area first began competitive swimming on a recreational level. Most of these competitions were restricted to "males only," but the fairer sex was allowed to compete in sidestroke races. The first trace of the Midlakes Swim League occurred in 1954, when the Mercer Island Beach Club entered the King County Beach League. The annual championships were held at Pete's Pool (more like a small lake than a pool) in Enumclaw. Things changed rapidly in the 1950's as eastside communities began to grow and build pools. After two years in the Seattle Summer Swim League, the eastside teams (including Samena, Phantom Lake, Newport Hills, Mercerwood, Mercer Island Beach Club, Edgebrook, Triangle and Norwood) formed the Midlakes Swim League.


Midlakes Swim League is a summer league committed to providing beginning thru advanced skill level swimmers the opportunity to compete.  Careful attention to safety and proper technique are top priorities.  The season consists of preseason practice, five weeks of competition and a final week of Divisional and League Championship meets. Participants must be active dues paying members of current Midlakes Clubs. 


The Midlakes Dive League is a novice league designed to introduce young people to and encourage their enjoyment of diving in a safe and positive environment.  Year-round club divers are welcome and will be provided for in this league. Participants must be active dues paying members of current Midlakes Clubs.  Diving is available at 6 of the Midlakes Clubs.  Diving is open to all members of the 27 Midlakes Teams.

Water Polo…

Midlakes Water Polo is a recreational league that emphasizes sportsmanship, education, skill development, and participation through friendly competition.  Participants must be active dues paying members of current Midlakes Clubs.  Water Polo is available at 14 of the 26 Midlakes Clubs.  Water Polo is open to all members of the 27 Midlakes Teams. Membership in U.S. Water Polo is strongly recommended for all players and coaches.


All coaches must meet League requirements including current first-aid and CPR and participate in League sanctioned safety training.


Swim officials must be familiar with USS swimming rules and regulations; Dive officials must be familiar with current AAU regulations; Water Polo referees must be familiar with the rules of United States Water Polo…and all must attend Midlakes League training.