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State Petition

Please support the effort to petition Governor Inslee. Opening pools in Phase 2 may be the single-most important hurdle to having a Midlakes-sponsored season, because Phase 3 may simply be too late.

Here is the petition site

We encourage all clubs to share this petition with all of their members to get pools open responsibly, not just swimming, diving, and water polo teams. 


With the current uncertainty of swim season, distancing protocols may make Diving more likely!

If your club already has a Diving team, great. If your club would like to consider having one this season, OR if you have kids interested that could dive for another club's team, please read the note from our Midlakes Diving Reps below and reach out to them directly, as we continue to try to find opportunities for families to enjoy Midlakes activities as much as possible.

Yes!  Midlakes wants to have a dive season this summer!  Assuming King County moves to Phase 3 with enough summer left to play, Midlakes Diving is committed to doing what we can to offer this fun, acrobatic water sport where participants develop strength, flexibility, and focus.

Here's what we need to know.

 1. Does your pool plan to open this summer as soon as it's allowed to within county restrictions?

 2. Does your pool have a diving board and interest in supporting a dive camp or dive team?

 3. Do you need help finding a coach?  (We can help!)

Diving is an easier sport to plan for social distancing than other water sports since only one diver is allowed on the board at a time.  We are hopeful that we can move forward with diving this summer whether in camps or in a league format.

Please contact Kathy and Pauline, the Midlakes Dive Reps, at [email protected] with your answers and any questions.

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Welcome to the new Midlakes Swim League Board Members for 2020!

Diving Co-Chair Pauline Fox Phantom Lake
Diving Co-Chair Kathy McDonald Seattle Tennis Club
Vice-President Marc Allan Kingsgate Royals


Are you the new Midlakes Parent Rep for your Club?  If so, please select this link and complete the information indicated.  New Parent Rep Contact Information

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Sanctioned Meets:  Is your club interested in hosting an additional meet for the season?  Would you like it to be a Midlakes Sanctioned Meet?  To find out how to request that your event be sanctioned by the League go to our new Sanctioned Meets page under Swim Meets on the menu bar.


Are you looking for information on League clubs?  Do you need to know the location of a club?  Are you looking for a head coach or a parent rep to contact?  The place to go is the Club Info page.  Just select the tab itself and you can find the following information:

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