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Purpose of Outreach Membership: WV Swimming offers USA Swimming Outreach Membership ($5/athlete in 2020) to a swimmer who qualifies on the basis of financial need.

Outreach Membership Qualifications: The yearly income guidelines used by the local school district to qualify students for the National School Lunch Program Free or Reduced Meals will be used to qualify a swimmer for West Virginia Swimming / USA Swimming Outreach Membership. A swimmer does not have to participate in the actual lunch program in order to qualify for Outreach Membership.

A copy of one of the following must be provided to show proof of need: a) National Free or Reduced Meals Program verification form; b) Medicaid card; c) Food Stamp letter; d) Current signed federal tax return showing the income guideline has been met; e) Other documentation that is consistent with the Income Eligibility Guidelines for the National School Lunch Program.

Application Procedure: 1. Swimmer applies to a club for Outreach Membership. 2. The club reviews documents to determine qualification for Outreach Membership. 3. The club submits an Outreach Membership request to the WV Swimming Registration Chair indicating the type of qualifying documentation it has received. If the club uses guidelines other than a – d listed above, an explanation of the process used needs to be sent to the Registration Chair and updated on an annual basis. 4. The Registration Chair approves Outreach Membership or, if needed, requests to review the qualifying documentation. An unattached swimmer who is not affiliated with a club should submit the qualifying documentation to the WV Swimming Registration Chair.


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