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Parents' Info

Practice Schedules

Practice Schedule on the Team Calendar for each Swim Group.


Parent Standards of Conduct

The standards of conducted expected of each parent.


Parent's Responsibilities at Practice

The responsibilities expected from parents while at Practice.


Practice Locations

Locations where Practices are held.


Parent's Responsibilities at Meets

The responsibilities expected from parents while at Meets.


Parent Volunteers

Opportunities to volunteer as a parent.


Communication Chain

Should there be an issue regarding your child's swimming please follow this guide.


Payment Policies

Description our Payment Policies, Dues, Payments, and more.


Safe Sport

Keeping our Minor Athletes Safe


Taking A Break

Sometimes a temporary break from swimming is required for any number of reasons; here are some of the ways taking a break can work.



Our library of documentation.


Team Handbook

The page for the Parent-Swimmer Handbook