This is the place to consult for job sign-up information, which we launch this year on Monday, June 7.  The sub-tabs under job sign-up have instructions for accessing the event sign-ups and descriptions of the jobs available. We will email you directly before each event with reminders.  The "Status Report" sub-tab will be updated periodically throughout the season to let you know what jobs, according to the system, you have volunteered to do.  Remember that you must volunteer for three jobs, plus one for each additional child (maximum of five jobs per family) (e.g., two swimmers would equal four jobs, three swimmers would equal five jobs) during the season (see below).  This is a requirement, whether or not you plan on attending the team celebration at the end of the season.

Make sure you have registered and paid for your swimmers prior to June 7--you will not be able to sign up for jobs unless your registration is completed.  

If you cannot be there to do a job you signed up for, please find a substitute. Let us know via email of your substitute and make sure they check in with one of the reps.