HSA Times & Records

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National Motivational Times
The National Motivational Times allows swimmers to gauge how well they are swimming compared to other swimmers of the same age group and sex throughout the country, and shows them at what level they are swimming.

8 & Under Motivational Time Standards
2009-2012 Short Course Motivational Time Standards
2009-2012 Long Course Motivational Times (2-17-11)

Southeastern Championship Meet Time Standards
HSA is in the Southeastern Swimming of the Local Swimming Committee (LSC).

Click Here for SES Times including Championship Qualifying Times for Short and Long Course.

National Times
The Top 16 program is an awards program for the highest level of age group swimmers. Awards are given to the swimmers who swim one of the fastest 16 times in the country for each sex in each recognized event in each age group. Awards are given for both short course and long course. Times are from the USA Swimming website.

National Top 16

For a complete listing of National and Junior National Times, CLICK HERE.