Team Info


Fox Valley Swim Team is offered as a service to the residents of School District # 204. The four major areas of our program are: 


  • Physical development through proper workout. 
  • Group interaction through group dynamics at practice, meets, and social events. 
  • Development of self-esteem through accomplishing individual goals. 
  • Self-actualization through planning and accepting the responsibility of working towards their achievement


Vision Statement:

Committed to your swimming dream through consistent year round training and competition.

Mission Statement:

  • To be nationally competitive U.S.A. swim team
  • To fully develop each individual’s ability to realize their dream through quality year round training
  • To develop well rounded student athletes
  • To encourage team spirit, open communication and sportsmanship
  • To foster a life long love for the sport of swimming

Team Psyche:


  • Support your teammates and they will support you!! 
  • Always show respect for every member of our coaches, parents, and swimmers. 
  • Be courteous to other teams

Team Appearance  

  • Team Suit-black with a FOX logo Team Caps-yellow with FOX team logo on side (will receive 1 cap with t-shirt) 
  • Team shirts-all swimmers will get team shirts, wear them!!! 
  • Parent team apparel is available for order.