Swim Meet Attendance

Swimmers must participate in a minimum of two of the seven WCSC Conference dual meets to be eligible to swim at the end of the year Conference Championship Meet.  The seven conference dual meets are shown in the table above and clearly labeled in the schedule and team calendar.

As members of the team, swimmers are expected to swim in the majority of meets.  It is the policy of the team to enter each child in as many meets and as many different events as possible.  This can include up to two relays, two individual events, and the I.M.

Swim Meet Reporting Times

Saturday morning dual meets begin at 9:00 am, Wednesday night meets begin at 6:00 pm.

For home meets, swimmers are expected to arrive one hour prior to the start of the meet to warm up in the pool.  For away meets, warm up starts 30 minutes prior to the start of the meet, but swimmers should arrive at least 45 minutes before meet start to ensure time to prepare.

Parent Responsibilities

Under the TeamUnify website structure, parents are responsible for signing their children in to every meet.  We encourage everyone to sign in at least one week prior to the meet date.  If you sign in your swimmer and then circumstances prevent them from swimming, please sign out as soon as possible.

At each meet, it is the responsibility of each parent to make certain your swimmer is on time to all events.  There are reports posted in the team area detailing the events each child has been entered into, including relays.  If you have any questions, please ask one of the coaches.

A bell will be rung in advance of each event for 8&U swimmers, including relays.  This is the signal for these younger swimmers to report to the shepherd area, where they will be organized and guided to their swims.  Once your 8&U has reported to the shepherds, you are free to leave them and prepare to watch the event.

For older swimmers (9+), it is expected that parents and swimmers will understand the flow of the meet and allow all swimmers to report to the timers area in time for their event.  Again, please ask a coach if you need clarification or assistance.

Please confirm whether or not your swimmer is in one or both relays and ensure they are available to participate.  Even those swimmers not scheduled to swim in a relay are expected to remain at the meet in case there is a need to substitute or fill in.

Please realize your actions impact other swimmers. Please be on time!  And remember – we are a team!

Team Involvement

The coaching staff, under supervision of the Coach Liaison, determines the entries for each meet. These entries will be based on a combination of factors including recorded times, practice attendance, the number of swimmers in a given age group, and team needs. It is the team’s desire that swimmers become well rounded, reaching a certain proficiency level in all strokes. Therefore, swimmers may be asked to occasionally to swim strokes that are not necessarily their favorites. Swimming these "off strokes" helps the swimmer keep track of his/her time improvements for all strokes during the whole season.

The coaching staff chooses each relay team. Coaches look at recorded times, participation, starts and finishes, and team needs. The A and B relays will be chosen for competitiveness. The C relays focus on participation. The desire is to have all swimmers participate on a relay team if possible. In our larger age groups, swimmers may not be able to participate in a relay in every meet. 

Special Meets

We have three special meets: Walnut Creek City Meet, Walnut Creek Swim Conference and County Meet. These meets are very exciting and include eight or more teams. These meets are great "big competition" experience and lots of fun. Parents of swimmers will need to work at these meets. You must SIGN OUT for WC City Meet and Conference Meet if your child will not attend. Any swimmers who do not show up for an entered swim will have to reimburse the team the entry fee.

Walnut Creek City Meet

All 15 recreational swim teams from Walnut Creek participate in this exciting meet held at Heather Farms. Swimmers can enter up to three events and coaches are responsible for the relay entries. Our goal is 100% participation! The meet is broken down into A & B swimmers so kids swim against kids with similar capabilities. Both A & B divisions win ribbons and/or medals and earn points for the team. Pasta Feed – Pot Luck is held on the Thursday night prior to this meet.

City Meet sign-out is different than other meets. If your child will be swimming at City Meet, you must sign them up for strokes. A sign up sheet will be posted at the pool two to three weeks prior to the meet. If you plan to be out of town during the weeks before city meet, please contact the coaches and the city meet coordinator to give them your child’s stroke preferences. If your child will not be attending city meet, you must sign them out in the usual way in the sign-out binder.

Walnut Creek Swim Conference Championships

We belong to Walnut Creek Swim Conference. We are one of eight teams who compete against each other during the season in dual meets. The culmination of the season is the Conference Meet held in mid-August on Saturday and Sunday. The mornings of this meet have heats of each event. Finals are in the afternoon. Swimmers must swim in at least two conference meets to qualify for this meet. This meet is run by volunteers and the teams rotate responsibility each year. All parents must work one shift at this meet.

This is the meet we have worked towards all summer! Everyone is expected to attend. The week prior to this meet is Spirit Week, filled with spirit related activities. Hair is braided, green nail polish is donned and the kids learn new cheers. Pasta Feed – Pot Luck is held on the Thursday night prior to this meet. Sign-out is required if your child will not be swimming in this meet.

Contra Costa County Swim Meet

This is the meet for the best recreational swimmers in Contra Costa. Only swimmers with qualifying times get to attend. If you've heard the term "I've made County!!!", it means your swimmer has qualified to swim in this meet. Qualifying times are posted at the pool and listed on the Incentive Time lists in the Results section of the website. For those qualifying for the County meet, swim practice continues the week of August 13. Make it a goal to attend the County meet, August 18 & 19 at Acalanes High School!

Other Special Meets

All swimmers who participate in other special meets, such as the Dewing Invitational, will be required to pay their own entry fees. Coaches will determine who will participate.