Where does the team practice?

The team uses Southport High School’s Pool and Perry Meridian High School’s Pool.

What age are the swimmers?

We have swimmers as young as 6 and as old as college level.

How often does the Team practice?

The team is in the water 2-5 nights a week. Different levels practice different amounts each week.

What happens if we can’t make a practice?

We encourage the swimmers to attend all practices but there are no minimum participation requirements. Swimmers will only improve through participation but we recognize that some swimmers are involved in other activities.

Does the team practice all year?

The team swims year-round with 2 seasons. The summer’s season is from April to July and the fall/winter season is from September to March.

Are there different levels of training?

We have 4 levels of swimmers.

Copper is for beginners who have not yet learned the 4 strokes being freestyle, back, breast and butterfly. Must be able to complete the freestyle and backstroke.  (Usually, but not restricted to Elementary School swimmers)


Bronze is for beginners who have have learned the 4 strokes being freestyle, back, breast and butterfly. Swimmers who need to more stroke work.  (Usually, but not restricted to Elementary School swimmers)

Silver is for swimmers who have mastered the 4 stokes and are starting to do more distance. (Usually, but not restricted to Middle School Students)

Gold is when they start doing a lot more distance and times a week. (Usually, but not restricted to High School Students)

Do the swimmers compete?

We compete in USA Swimming Sanctioned swim competitions during the season and may host one in October each year. Swimmers train in hopes of making Divisional, State, and Zone cut times.

How much does it cost?


Monthly dues vary based on which group your swimmer is in.  As your swimmer progresses through the program there will be additional training opportunities which is why there is an increase in cost for each higher level.  The treasurer can provide a breakdown of fees for your swimmer.

Are there any other costs?

There is also a $30 registration fee and all swimmers must be currently registered with USA Swimming ($59).

Team swim caps are $5.

Team Suits will be ordered each season.  Suits can be ordered from Circle City Swim Wear.

Swim meets are extra and usually cost $4-$5 an event., plus a one-time fee per meet for particiaption which supports Indiana Swimming.

Are there fundraisers?

Yes -  There will be quarterly fundraisers to assist in team expenses.

Team – The team may host a meet in October and parents are expected to assist. This helps keeps costs down.

How does the team work with the High School and Middle School Swim Teams?

Students who swim for a High School team only train with us from April to October. Once the High School season starts, IHSAA rules prohibits them from swimming with us. Middle School students swim with us from April 'till December and can still swim and compete with us during the Middle School season (Jan. to Mar.) if they wish by paying a reduced rate to come to as many practices as they desire.

How can parents get involved?

Parents can get involved by assisting with the Home Meet, fundraising, helping wiht evaluations, becoming a member of the Team’s Board of Directors or by becoming a USASwimming swim official.