Our Friends
  • Zone Diversity and Inclusion Coordinator - Suzanne Dangelmaier

  • 2019 SZ D&I Select Camp will be host by Greenview Dolphins of SC - June 20 - June 23, 2019

  • USA Swimming Diversity and Inclusion 

  • 70.5% of all youth are eligible for Free and Reduced Lunch, not because of low socio-economic status but because 40% of the youth in their area are eligible for Free and Reduced Lunch. Federal guidelines state that if 40% or more of the youth are eligible for Free and Reduced Lunch then all youth in that area are given Free and Reduced Lunch status.  Therefore, LSCs may want to consider other criteria for Outreach membership than simply a letter stating the athlete is provided Free and Reduced Lunch.  Please see the links below for other possible criteria.