Youth Swimming

Emerald Aquatics offers training and practice groups for swimmers of all ages and ability levels. It is the goal of Emerald Aquatics to offer age specific training for all of our athletes geared towards challenging each individual and developing each individual to the best of THEIR abilities.

Please email our parent rep at [email protected] to schedule a tryout, or Click Here to send us an email request for more information.

FUN, FOCUS, F-ORT(effort) - Our team Covenant

EA Swim Groups

Elementary School Track – K – 5th, FUN, focus, f-ort

Minimum requirements: Must be at least 5 years old and be able to do 25 yards back and 25 yards freestyle with side breathing.
This group learns all four competitive strokes, IM, starts, turns, introduces meets at an age and ability appropriate level, learns the FUN of swimming, group goal setting and working with coaches.  Technique is the primary focus to set the base for more training added later.

  1. Turtles – 6 and under

           3x / week : 30 min dryland , 40 min water time


  1. Dolphins – 7-10 years old (only thru 5th grade)

          3x/week: 30 min dryland, 45 min water time


  1. Sharks- 7-10 years old (only thru 5th grade) – advanced, must have at least 3 B times or 1 A time in age group and demonstrate FUN.

          3x/week: 30 min dryalnd, 60 min water time


Middle School Track - 6-8th grade, FUN, FOCUS, f-ort

Minimum requirements: Must be at least 11 years old and be able to do freestyle and backstroke. All these groups focus on technique as well as aerobic and some anaerobic training. More details for each group below.

  1. Bronze – 3x/week, 30 min dryland, 1 hour wet

This group is for beginners in this age group and technqiue will still be a large part of this groups time with the goal of moving up a priority.

  1. Silver – 3x/week, 30 min dryland, 1.5 hours wet; Intermediate 11-12 year olds (at least 2 B times in age group and Fun, Focus); Must attend all meets eligible for.

This group continues technique development, learns individual goal setting, greater variety of meets, clock management, mental training, FOCUS, and ownership of athleticism.  does multi- level goal setting, qualifying meets, mental training, leadership, clock management, F-ORT (effort)and aerobic training.

  1. Gold – 5x/week, 30 min dryland, 1.5 hourse wet; Advanced 11-14 year olds (at least 1 A time AND 2 B times or 5 B times in age group), All 13-14 middle schoolers, Must attend all meets in which you are eligible, Must demonstrate Fun, Focus and F-ort.

This is for competitive swimmers looking to have fun, aerobic and anaerobic training, work hard, and really go for it!  This group continues the development of previous groups and adds leadership, time standard awareness, knows best times, learns training principles, learns meet development and championship meets, demonstrates Fearlessness and desire for competition.


High School Track:  9th -12th grade, FUN, FOCUS, F-ORT

  1. HS :Mon/Wed/Fri 4-6pm– 3x/week, 30 min dryland, 1.5 hours weth; must attend at least 1 meet/season, must be a team leader – demonstrate FUN FOCUS F-ORT at all practices and meets; Must be an EA and swimming ambassador.

This is a group designed for the newer high school age swimmer that want high school season to be their main focus.  Open to all swimmers this age interested in the sport of swimming.  Must demonstrate a desire to swim, improve, be coached, and learn and demonstrate our entire covenant: Fun,Focus, and F-ort. 


  1. SR: Mon – Fri 4-6pm, Sat 8-10am, various mornings throughout year – 5-9x/week, 30 min dryland, 1.5-2 hours wet. Must attend all meets eligible, Must attend doubles in summer and during HS season, Must be a team leader and demonstrate FUN, FOCUS, and F-ORT at all practices and meets, Must be an EA and swimming ambassador.

Must be dedicated to 6-9 practices weekly and have a passion for swimming, improving, Emerald Aquatics, leadership, and Fun, Focus, F-ort.  This group understands training systems, coach/athlete relationships, respect and loyalty for self, coaches, teammates and team, and demonstrates that on a daily basis.  This group exemplifies the attitudes and skills being taught at all levels and understands the importance of training, development meets, and championship meets.


Adults/ Masters Track: 18 and over, out of HS

These groups are designed to meet the needs of a diverse adult population.  We currently have swim parents, fitness swimmers, competitive swimmers and triathletes!  Our various practice times offer options for different work schedules.  If you are able to swim down the pool by yourself you are ready for this group.  Each practice is coached and provides a structured workout and technique work for all levels and abilites.  We hope you take advantage of our free week to try us out! 

  1. Masters - $71.50/month - unlimited per month.  Must also be a member of USMS (through the OMS website) and pay our annual registration fee ($30).  Please fill out our registration form.

  2. Saturday Masters- $22/month - only Sat practices, must be a member of USMS (through OMS website) and pay our annual registration fee.  Please fill out our registration form.OMS)