Programs Supported

The Minnetonka Anchor Club is a 501(c3) non-profit entity; donations are tax deductible.

Fundraising and Donations

The annual Swim-A-Thon and running meets are the primary fundraisers for Minnetonka Anchor Club. Look for details of fundraising events as they are made available.

We welcome any contribution, large or small, to assist in developing our aquatics program and maintaining facilities. To donate please contact Julie Matas at [email protected] or fill out a pledge form and send to the indicated address.

Funding Aquatics Programs and Projects

The Minnetonka Anchor Club raises funds to support further development of the districts pools and facilities as well as purchases of equipment, training for coaches, and scholarships for students and participants. Grant Request Form (.docx)
The Anchor Club made an initial pledge of $150,000 and ongoing $20,000 annual commitment for development of the MME Aquatics facility, and a non-specified pledge for the MMW renovation.  


Facility Development

 Amount Paid

MME: $150,000
$20,000 / year after

Cash Donations made to School District from March 2009 through June 2010


Donations of net meet fees collected directly by Minnetonka Swim Club through June 2010

$  37,288

Subtotal: Capital Donations to District against MME $150K pledge

Original Pledge: Anchor Club Fulfills Pool Pledge One Year Early 


Ongoing Pledge

Cash Donations made to School District 2013 (Meet fees are credited)


MMW: $20,000

Cash Donations made to School District 2014

   $ 50,000

Pool Rental fees to support programs during MMW renovation

$    5,900

Subtotal: MMW renovation

$  55,900
SUBTOTAL Facility Development Donations through June 2014

Grants and Scholarships

Minnetonka Swim Club/Coaches

12/19/2010— Grant to fund expenses associated with coaches attendance at national swim meet convention in 8/10

$    2,500

Minnetonka Swim Club

6/7/2011— Grant to fund the purchase of specialized swim video equipment used in training

$    2,500

Minnetonka High School Swim/Dive Team

2011—Grant to partially fund expenses associated with the team's season-end banquet, DVDs, and stat (memory) book  

$    1,000

Additional Swim Club; Learn-To-Swim

2012-June 2014—Coach development, pool computers/equipment; Learn-To-Swim scholarships

$    7,950

Minnetonka High School Swim/Dive Team

2013-14 HS Season Boys and Girls Stat Book/DVD development and production

$     3,000
SUBTOTAL of grants and scholarships
$   16,950


The Anchor Club provides up to $2,000 each year in learn-to-swim and/or club scholarships. To apply for a grant or scholarship, please call 950-401-5225 or Aimee Sinkler, Aquatics Recreation Programs Coordinator (scholarships).