NTN Parent Club/Volunteering

NTN Parent Club

Who Are We?
The NTN Parent Club is a non-profit all volunteer organization of parents who work to continuously improve our swimming program.

What is Our Mission?          

The mission of the NTN Parent Club is to support and enhance the operation of our swim team. We support our team by staffing swim meets and more, to include funding social activities, teambuilding, awards, recognition, and communication. Through an all-volunteer support organization, we sponsor a mentoring program for new families, an informative newsletter, annual picnics and banquets, and team publicity. Our most visible support is given at swim meets at the CISD Aquatics Center – over 60 volunteers are needed for each and every “home” meet! Parent club volunteers coordinate all volunteer activity, to include filling every position for each swim meet. We also support and sponsor training for our coaching staff and volunteers.

How Do We Operate?
An elected executive committee to include a Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and up to 3 appointed positions meet regularly to discuss and explore opportunities, which support the team.   These individuals are elected by the Parent Club membership.  Numerous committee chairpersons work with the executive committee, coaches, and staff to accomplish Parent Club mission objectives.

How Do I Get More Information?
For more information on parent club meetings, cost of membership, or volunteer opportunities, please contact a member of the executive committee.     

How to sign up: Once the registration process for your swimmer(s) is complete and all fees are paid in full, then your family is automatically a member of the NTN Booster Parent Club.