Revised July 2021



Pre-Team Parent Information      

  • Your child can join the Glenwood Pre-team if your family is a member of the pool in good standing, and they are screened to ensure they have the necessary skills in the water to be part of the team.  Screening will occur on the evening of Tuesday, June 1 from 5:00 to 7:00 PM.


  • There will be a Pre-team Parents meeting at 6:45 pm on June 14.  This meeting starts just before your child’s first practice and will be a chance for you to meet the coaches and team representatives, and learn a little more about the Glenwood Team experience


  • Pre-team membership costs $110 per child.  Applications will be accepted through June 10, and a full refund will be available through June 18 if it turns out Pre-team does not suit your child.  After June 18, there will be no refunds.


  • Pre-team practices begin June 14, 2021 at 7:00 pm to 7:30 pm.  There will be evening only practices until Montgomery County Public Schools let out for the year.  Once school is out (beginning June 17), practices will be held in the morning and evening, and your child can attend whichever practice session works best for your schedule and your child.  Morning practices will be 10:50 to 11:30 am and evenings will be 5:30 to 6:00 PM , but only on M,T &TH.  Practice ends on Wednesday, July 21.


  • Most pre-team members are between the ages of 6 and 8, but we have lowered the age requirement to 5 (they must be at least 5 by June 1) and we often have pre-teamers older than 8.  Placement on the pre-team depends on swimming ability, not age.  Our pre-team coaches will work with your children to make them more competent in the water, helping them to be better at free-style swimming and familiar with at least one other stroke (usually backstroke).  They also encourage the pre-teamers to feel part of the Glenwood team, exhibiting sportsmanship and spirit, and to have fun in the water.


  • Our coaches are all good swimmers themselves who have been part of the Glenwood Team for several years.  They are trained lifeguards, with the requisite knowledge and skills to ensure your child’s safety in the water. 


  • Our coaches will work with your child, even if your swimmer is a bit anxious at first.  Our experience has been that through good coaching and lots of fun experiences, children quickly overcome their initial anxiety and begin to eagerly await practice. 


  • If you have particular concerns, feel free to speak to a coach after practice.  So that the coaches’ attention is not distracted from the children in the water, we ask that you not attempt to carry on a conversation with them during practice.  If you want to voice a concern to one of the Team Representatives - Zac Morford, Darcia Bowman, or Roland Schrebler -  you can contact us directly at [email protected] or go to the "Contact Us" button at the Swim Team site.


  • When the coaches think they are ready, the pre-teamers will be invited to swim before one of the Wednesday night B meets.  For many children, that will be at the last regular home B meet of the season, which occurs on July 1 but for some, it may be an earlier meet. This is an excellent opportunity to come and cheer your child’s achievements.


  • As pre-team parents, your only job is to support your child’s efforts.  If and when your child becomes part of the regular Glenwood Tigers Team, you will be expected to volunteer to take on some of the many jobs that go with running a team and lots of meets --- like timing, staffing the snack bar, officiating at the meet, and so forth.  So, for now, just relax and enjoy as your child develops swimming skills.