Team Fees

ASK Swim   Fall/Winter      Short Course Season

Start date:  Oct 17, 2016                                                                                               

2017  USA Swimming Registration                 Sept 2016 - Dec 2017                                $64

        Seasonal Registration                          May 2017 - August 2017                               $45

2016 ASK Swim Annual Membership             Sept 2016 – Dec 2017                                $35

        Seasonal Membership                           May 2017 - August 2017                              $25


Monthly swim fees:  During the months of June and July, monthly fees go up $15 to accommodate the fact that we pay coaching salaries for 2 practices a day.

White:    May $65       June and July      $80 each month

Maroon:  May $75       June and July      $90 each month

Black:     May $75       June and July      $90 each month


Paying fees online is most appreciated.  It is more convenient if Emily or I do not have to handle checks at practice or at meets.  You can remove yourself from the online payment system at any time.  Fees are applied to your credit card or withdrawn from your checking account on the 1st of each month.  It is your responsibility to let me know before the 1st of the month if you are taking time off from swimming.  If you start after the 15th of the month, I can pro-rate the month.  If you are gone in the middle of the month or at the end of the month, there will be no pro-rated fee.


USA Swimming Registration:

All of our swimmers are required to be USA Swimming registered members. This fee is $60 for the 2015 season.   Anyone who did not swim during the short course season will pay the Season 2 membership. 

Season 2 USA Swimming      $42


Income for team operation is handled in the following ways:

ASK Swim Annual Team Membership Fee:

Our annual membership fee is $35 per swimmer.  For those swimmers who did not swim the short course season, a Season 2 (long course season) membership fee is $25.

This fee funds the annual certification of coaches and officials.  It reimburses coaches and officials for education requirements and background checks.  It pays our annual website registration, advertising and our swim team caps.

Annual Fund Raising:

Each family has an obligation to fund raise.  This is our resource to fund travel to meets for coaching staff and to pay the monthly use fee of our online services for our autopay banking fees.

Each family is assessed for only one swimmer in the family, the highest level swimmer.  A white level swimmer is responsible for $75 annually, Maroon for $150 and the Black level swimmer is responsible for $250 annually.  This assessment is divided into 3 payments:  November, February, and June.  Each fund raising opportunity will be assigned a point value per hour of activity.  Each point has a value of $10. 

  We try and provide opportunities to work off your fund raising obligation at different work projects.  If you have not met your obligation, in June you will be assessed for the highest level swimmer in your family.

White:    $25,     Maroon:   $50,     Black:  $82.50


Monthly Swimming Fees:   Our monthly swimming fees go to paying coaching salaries, pool rental and pool maintenance fees. Swim fees are assessed on the 1st of every month.  White $60, Maroon $70 and Black $75.

In June and July, the monthly swim fees increase $15 to accommodate for paying coaching salaries for 2 practices a day instead of just one practice.

Pool Practices:

Practice resumes for the Long Course Season on May 2, 2015 at Minot State University Pool

4:00 - 5:30            High School Swimmers

5:30 – 6:30           White (6-8 year olds) some 9 year olds

5:30 – 7:00           Maroon (9-12 year olds) intermediate ability

5:30 –7:00           Black (13 and over) some 12 year olds   advanced ability

As soon as we can get outdoors for Long Course Practice, we will have morning practice at Roosevelt Park Pool and late afternoon practice at Magic City Campus .

10:00 – 11:00 am               White

10:00 – 11:30 am               Maroon

10:00 – 11:45 am               Black

Our efforts to group swimmers are based on:

                The emotional readiness of the child,

                The actual age of the child,

                The physical abilities of the child (practice training and meet performances).

Our coaches always have your child’s best interest and long-term development in mind.

Technique, kicking, cardiovascular endurance and stroke efficiency make up the foundation of our program levels.

White levels are designed to give 6-8 and (some 9 year old) swimmers a positive and technically sound introduction to a swim team experience.  These levels are designed to introduce the enjoyment and basic skills of competitive swimming.

There will normally be 3 different levels within the white group, 

White 1 can legally swim and kick 25 yards of 2 strokes without assistance or stopping.

White 2 can legally swim and kick 3 different strokes.

White 3 can legally swim and kick 50 yds. of all 4 competitive strokes.

White group swims 60 minute practices and should attend 2 – 3 practices per week.


Maroon level is designed to give 9-10 and (some 11-13 year olds who are new to competitive swimming), a positive and technically sound experience.  These levels are designed to appropriately challenge your child, depending on his/her experience in the sport of swimming.  Maroon swimmers practice one hour and 30 minutes and should try to swim a minimum of 3 practices per week.  Swimmers should be able to complete a workout set of 10 x 75 yds on a 1:30 minute interval.


Black level is a training level for our more experienced 11 and over swimmers.  Swimmers must be able to legally swim and kick 75 yds in 3 different strokes.  Black group should attend 3-4 practices per week and practices are 90 minutes.  Swimmers should be able to complete a test set of swimming 5 or more x 100 yd freestyle swims on a 1:30 interval.


Your child should not be at the pool more than 15 minutes before or after practice.  Your child cannot be left unsupervised at either pool facility so our coaching staff cannot leave until you arrive.  Plan to pick up your child at the pool at the time your child’s practice ends. A coach will be expected to be at the pool for 15 minutes after practice concludes but should not have to wait any longer than that.

There can be no horseplay in the locker rooms before or after practice.  Disciplinary action will be taken for misbehavior.  We will discuss this at practice and even a first offense will result in a one week suspension.  A second offense will result in the swimmer being asked to leave the team.  We cannot afford to lose our privilege of renting the pool.

It is a common practice to move kids between lanes based on the number of kids at practice.  This does not mean they have been promoted or demoted:  it is just to make the best use of the space we have.              


Swim Meets:

Swim meets are optional.  It is up to each family to decide which meets they want to attend.  We will usually provide a coach to a meet if at least 7 swimmers are signed up for the meet.  We will assign your swimmer to another coach in attendance at the meet for warmups if we are not sending a coach.  If your child qualifies for state, we hope every effort will be made to attend the state meet.  High School boys may use all of their high school times to qualify for state. 

I recommend at least one meet per month (November – March) to measure the progress made throughout the season.