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Welcome to the SPA Parent Resource Center!

The information on this website was developed for SPA parents by SPA parents!  New SPA families should find everything you need on this website to get registered for SPA, get through your first practices, and get ready for your first swim meet.

If you have a question that is not answered on this site, please email  one of the following individuals:
Thomas Baumann  Webmaster, Registration
Patti Callaway
SPA account manager
Jarad Giddens:  SPA Board President

Prospective/New Parents

About SPA
Eligibility and Scheduling an Evaluation
Registering your Swimmer
Who to contact for help
Group Guidelines
Fees and Payments
How to find your swimmer's USA Swimming ID Number
Parent Responsibility to Volunteer
Fundraising Responsibilities

Before your First Practice

Equipment Needed for each group
What to bring to practice
Practice Calendars and schedule changes
Locker Rooms
How many practices per week
Free Wi-Fi in the pool area
Parking, drop-off and pick-up

Nuts and Bolts of Swim Team

SPA Summer Banquet
Practice suits and racing suits
Spa-Wear (team clothing) and Backpacks
Swim Apps and Charting Times
What are "Qualifying Times"?
Short Course vs. Long Course

High School Swimming and SPA
Summer Swim League and SPA
When do swimmers change groups?
Withdrawing from SPA
Zone Championships - Who goes?



The First Swim Meet

How to sign up for a swim meet
Which Events Should Your Child Swim?
What to bring to a swim meet
What are those charts swimmers have on their arms?
Getting my swimmers times
How swimmers times are calculated

The First Swim Meet
Swim Meet Tips

Links, Documents and Resources

2013 - 2016 Age Group Motivational Times
ASI Handbook
2014 Arkansas Short Course State Qualifying Times

SPA Code of Conduct


Coach's Corner Articles

What the Coach Looks For In a Swim Performance
When Your Child is Disqualified
When Sally Swims Poorly
The Purpose of Team Travel for Swim Teams