During each week we try to use swim gear during our workouts. We use the following items during practice throughout the week: fins, snorkels, pull buoys, paddles, and kickboards. Many of these items we have available to borrow from MWR or the team for daily use. At times there is a shortage of gear to borrow. I would like each swimmer to have his or her own gear during each practice.  Below is a list of suggested gear. Our team will receive an 8% kickback on all items purchased at You must type in your browser for our team to receive credit.


Suggested items:


Speedo Optimus Training Fins  Item #7530006


Long Fins Sporti Floating Swim Fins                     Item # SSGF002

Swimmers Junior High and older (non-beginners) should have LONG and SHORT FINS.

Short Fins:

 FINIS Zoomers Gold Swim Fins SKU 2.35.001 or

Speedo Short Blade Training Swim Fins SKU 7530412



Pull Buoy:

Sporti Pull Buoy                          Item #SSG001


Sporti Junior Pull Buoy             Item #SSG002



Speedo I.M. Tech Paddle              SKU #7530365



Finis Swimmer’s Snorkel                      SKU # (only for medal group members)


Finish Jr. Swimmer’s Snorkel                SKU # (only for medal group members)



Sporti Kickboard                                 Item # SSG006


Equipment Bag:

Sporti Mesh Bag                                  Item # SBM002

This is to keep all of the Swimmer’s gear in.



Please ask if have any questions. These products can be found on other websites, but only will give something back to the team.