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For COOL logo apparel, such as caps, towels, t-shirts, sweatshirts, and more, visit our vendor's online store

NOTE: A note about this online store. When you order, you will need to create an account in order for us to track your order. However, once you proceed to payment, you will be redirected to PayPal's secure payment site. None of your payment information is stored on the apparel site.

For suits and all your equpiment needs, Swim Quik is our team partner. Our online store with Swim Quik has all the suits & accessories you may want. If you are looking for a new suit, a swim bag, fins, kickboard, or any other piece of equipment, check out the Swim Quick store.

If you have apparel questions, please contact our apparel supervisor Amanda Berger.


2017-2018 TEAM SUITS

This year's team suit is a navy and orange Cryprsis by TYR. Our team suites are high-quality racing suits by our team sponsor, TYR. Boys can choose between a traditional "racer" cut, or the "jammer." Ladies, the Cryprsis is a diamondfit, thin strap suit. While it is encouraged for swimmers to have a team suit, they are not required.

If you are new to swimming and need help sizing your suit, you will want to attend one of our fittings when Swim Quik can help you choose the proper fit. Racing suits should be tighter than you might normally pick for a recreational swimming suit. We advise being fitted rather than making a mistake on purchasing the wrong size suit. To order, please visit our Swim Quik online store.

Men's "Racer" $33.00

Men's "Jammer" $41.00

Women's Diamonfit $60.00


(what's a tech suit?)

Tech suits are high-performance suits which have gained a great deal of momentum in recent years. Technology is helping swimmers swim faster and faster as they reduce more and more drag in the water. Does your swimmer need a tech suit? NOPE! They do not, but as they get older and/or faster, they may want one. If you're considering purchasing a tech suit, here are some helpful tips and distinctions between the various kinds (click the graphic below to get a full-sized .pdf to view). Tech suits can be purchased through Swim Quik and for certain qualifying meets, swimmers who participate may be eligible for a discounted price.