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Senior Coaches’ Rep.: Larry Oshiro (228-0337)

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Junior Coaches’ Rep.: Jon Hayashida



Welcome to Hawaiian Swimming! On this tab you can find the information relevant to becoming a coach, and resources for improving your coaching and actively participating in this important profession serving the athletes of Hawaiian Swimming!

We have adapted the materials provided by USA Swimming, hopefully providing you with all the local contacts and contextualizing your commitments within the frame of this unique place and culture: Hawai'i. As you work through each of topics you will gain all the information you need to successfully begin or continue your coaching career. Mahalo for all that you do for our athletes, parents, and the sport of swimming in Hawai'i.


News and Announcements:

SWIM TODAY Program: Expanding the base!

The Rules and Regulations for Swim Coaches test will be unavailable from April 15-30, 2021. The officials’ online tests will also be unavailable on these dates. All of these tests are being updated to allow for the May 1st rule changes. There is no grace period for coaches; they cannot be on deck at practice or meets until they meet the education requirement. The Rules and Regulations for Swim Coaches test is part of the 2nd year coach membership requirement. You may get calls from panicked coaches but there is nothing they can do until the updated tests are back online May 1st.



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Coaching Commitments (What you need to do and know):   


USA Swimming Coaching Videos

General Information and Notices:

    USA Swimming Rules and Regulations

     Western Zone Information <>

     2011 Proposed Amendments to Rules and Regulations


COACH OPENINGS: no current listings


Archive Information

2010 Hawaiian Swimming Coaches Clinic:

  • RULES Interpretation and Explanation [ pdf ]

  • LETTER to Club Coaches and Club Boards from the LSC Board regarding Deck Official shortages on all islands. [ pdf ]

  • October 15-17, at the University of Hawaii flyer now posted. [ pdf ]

  • Guest Presenters:

    • Mike Chasson - former ASU Head Coach

    • Dr. Jan Prins - Director of the UH Aquatic Research Laboratory.

    • Chuck Riggs - Assistant UH Coach

    • Scott Shea - Palo Alto Stanford Aquatics Head Coach SCRA site

    • Victor Wales - UH Head Coach



    • Backstroke Text [ pdf ]

    • Breaststroke Line Progression [ pdf ]

    • Breaststroke Text [ pdf ]

    • Fly - 2009 Convention Final [ pdf ]

    • Start Diagram [ pdf ]

    • Start Take-off Angle Group [ pdf ]

    • Start Text [ pdf ]

  • OTHER:

    • Become a Nutrition Expert - Diversity Hawaii [ pdf ]

    • Dryland Training and Conditioning II [ pdf ]

    • Eischens Yoga Beginner Sequence [ pdf ]

    • Preparing Your Athletes for Competition [ pdf ]

    • Rage Against the Machines [ pdf ]

    • The Maturing Athlete - Coach and Parent [ pdf ]