Thank you for your interest in Aqua club or commitment to our club as a member. See below for some answers to frequently asked questions + feel free to reach out with any additional questions. 

FAQs: Prospective Members
Understanding there is a large demand and long wait lists for pool membership within the area and community - we have made efforts to open programming to the community where we can safely support it. If you are not a member but interested in opportunities at Aqua Club, please see our programs, events and opportunities available to the public. All are welcome to apply for membership at Aqua Club - please review the timing and process notes below as you scope your options. 

I'd like to join the waitlist for Aqua Club- what is the difference between priority and standard? 
As of January 1, 2016, the Aqua Club wait list policy contains two wait lists for membership to the club – a Priority Wait List and a Standard Wait List.
  • The Priority Wait List area is defined as having a geographical boundary which runs from I-5 east along N 145th Street in the City of Shoreline, across Lake Washington to where NE 145th Street meets I-405, then North along I-405 to the intersection of I-405 and I-5, then South along I-5 back to N 145th Street.   Essentially a triangle using 145th, I-405, and I-5 as the borders.
  • Standard Waitlist is for those who currently reside outside of the 4 mile radius. Everyone is welcome to apply to the standard wait list. If/when they plan to intent on moving within the boundaries they will be moved to priority waitlist - in order of the date you submitted your initial application. 
I'm on a waitlist - how long until I am offered membership at Aqua Club? 
The wait time for those on priority wait list is around 2-3 years (with an average turnover of 10-30 memberships per year). Standard waitlist is contingent upon your address changing to priority or the full priority exhausted (so potentially significantly longer). For more information you can review the wait list policy.

I'm on a waitlist but no longer wish to join Aqua Club - what do I do? 
Please reach out to toindicate  you would like to be removed from the waitlist. As noted on your initial form / time of payment for the processing fee of $100, the membership application fee is non-refundable. 

I've previously joined a waitlist but my information has changed - who do I contact? 
If any of your information has changed or if you would like to confirm your information (as indicated on your membership application form) is correct. Examples below; 
  • Contact information: It is imperative that you contact us if your contact information has changed since submitting your initial application. The email address and phone number you wrote/entered on your membership application form is where we will email/call you in the event that you are offered membership. Please reach out if your information has changed. 
  • Changes or additions to prospective members: If you add a dependent (ex; you have a child) or your status changes (ex; recent separation) please reach out with that information (name/DOB) or change. Please note: membership is 
  • Address change: If you are currently on the Standard Wait List and move to the geographical boundary of the club, please notify the club and your name will be placed on the Priority Wait List in order by the date of your application. 
I'd like to participate in Aqua Club programs but I am not currently a member- what can I participate in/sign up for? 
Our commitment to inclusion can be seen in how 'we invest in programs that are open to and welcoming of all members, families and their guests'. We invite the public/community to engage with Aqua Club programming through some of the following ways; 
  • Water Polo Team 
    Water polo combines soccer, basketball, swimming, and lacrosse with goofy caps. This is a very social programs designed to have fun and build community. Ages 7-18, boys and girls welcome! No experience necessary so long as you can tread water for a couple minutes and swim 25yards.  Registration link here; Aqua Club - Class Registration ( 

  • Tennis Teams + Lessons
    Please review lesson descriptions below as you choose what might work best for you. Registration link here; Aqua Club - Class Registration ( 

  • Swim / Dive / Tennis Lessons
    See course descriptions for each age/level on their respective pages and sign up information for specifics. These are offered within the Summer season, with most options available to the public.  Registration link here; Aqua Club - Class Registration ( 

  • Water Aerobics
    Available to the public - for either drop-in or season rate. Join this great hour long workout this Summer - details here! 

  • Winter programs and teams may also be available to the public. Check back for more information. 

    *Please note: Aqua Club Summer Swim Team is part of the Greater Seattle Summer Swim League. With which the league rules member clubs (including Aqua Club) participants must be a member of the participating club in order to compete in the GSSSL. Full details here; Greater Seattle Summer Swim League : (
I'm anticipating an offer from Aqua Club for membership - how much will it cost? 
You can review membership joining fee, capital improvement fee and annual membership fee information below. 'Membership' is defined within the bylaws as, '
*In accordance to the bylaws, ‘“Club Member” shall be construed to mean the individual named in the certificate of the Club membership, their spouse and each dependent child residing in such individual’s house’. The cost shown here is for Summer 2022 at Aqua Club for club membership. This is subject to change in future seasons/years - reach out if you have additional questions. Here is a breakdown of the associated fees from this season (all of which are subject to change at any time); 
  • Membership joining fee: $1,500
    (This is a one-time joining fee for those accepting their Aqua Club membership.)
  • Capital improvement fee: $1,500
    ( All current and future members (for the next 10 years) are being assessed $1,500 for the recently completed remodel.)
    (These assessment fees are non-refundable. Members have two options in how they pay - either in full OR $300/year for their next 6 years). 

  • Annual Membership fee: $900
    (This is the current yearly fee for the Summer 2022 season (Saturday May 21 - Sunday, September 4th, 2022) prorated after the season begins.)
*Each member family has a volunteer requirement of a minimum of two hours per year during one or more scheduled Work Parties to encourage ownership and participation at the Club and to keep its operating costs down. If the work requirement is not completed by an Aqua Club membership holder prior to the Summer season, a fee of $100 is assessed to their account. Please see additional costs for lessons/teams/programs for their specific costs and policies for each.  
*Membership application fee: $100. This is the processing fee for your initial membership application. All prospective members must have this form complete and fee paid to be considered for membership. The fee is nonrefundable.

I'm high up on the priority waitlist and anticipating an offer - when does that come through? 
In January of each year, Aqua Club offers of membership are mailed out to those at the top of the priority wait list. The number of offers made each year depends on the number of memberships sold after the prior season. Depending on the response from the January mailings, offers of membership will continue through the spring until our quota of memberships is reached. 

I'm accepting membership - what other costs and requirements are there? 

The costs of lessons (swim, tennis and diving) are not included in the membership fee. Swim Team, water polo team and tennis team are also additional. Optional social events may or may not have a fee associated with the activity. Aqua Club may also assess members for additional funds for capital improvement projects. 

Each member family has a work party requirement of a minimum of two hours per year during one or more scheduled Work Parties to encourage ownership and participation at the Club and to keep its operating costs down. Those participating in some programs (like swim team) will also need to complete volunteer requirements to ensure the programs they participate in run smoothly. 

I'm accepting membership - what other amenities can I expect? 
See additional information here and check back on our website for more announcements. 

I'm expecting an offer this year but not ready to accept -- what are my options? 

If/when you receive an offer, you have two options: 1. You can join the Aqua Club by paying the current Membership fee and the Annual fee or 2. You can defer membership. If you choose to defer, your name will go to the end of the Standard Wait List. When your name reaches the top again, you will again be offered a membership. At that time, if you choose not to join, your name will be dropped from the waitlist and your initial $100 membership application fee will be forfeited.  

FAQs: Current Aqua Club Members
Thank you for your commitment to Aqua Club - we pride ourselves on our membership and their commitment to the club's mission. Please read below and reach out if you have questions about your membership. 

What does access look like as an Aqua Club member?
Please review our yearly and seasonal calendars for Aqua Club members. 'Open swim' times posted are for members and their guests to use the pool. 'Lap Swim' is for members over the age of 16 to use the pool for lap swimming. A wading pool is also available on the upper deck. Program specific timing (for lessons, teams, events, etc) is also available on their respective pages. BBQs and a grassy lawn area offer spaces to relax and socialize and are available on a first come/first serve basis. Half court basketball and in-pool basketball hoop also offer additional fun. The clubhouse is also available for rent (to you as a member at member pricing) and for Aqua Club member events. Tennis courts are lighted and available for use for both tennis and pickleball. 

Since the pool is heated year-round we have also offered 'Sunday member swims' in years previous, as a way to allow membership weekly access to the pool during the cooler off-season months. Daily 'Winter Lap Swim' was also available (for a season-long purchase) in previous years - for adults looking to exercise via lap swim, during the off-season. Stay tuned for information on both potential offerings. 

I'm a member and I would like to add someone to my membership - is that a possibility? 
Adding someone to your membership is only possible if you have added a dependent child or married. Membership cannot be transferred or expanded to either non-dependent children and/or their children and/or other relatives (see 2.2.1 in Aqua Club bylaws). Benefits Aqua Club members receive such as member-specific clubhouse rental rates and access to certain programs/teams/lessons cannot be extended to those not listed on their membership. Relatives of members are welcome to apply for membership and participate in Aqua Club programming that is open to the public, during the times and prices listed to the public. Some scenarios that come up from time-to-time below, please read before reaching out - if they apply to you; 
  • A family member who has aged out of your membership/married/has dependents of their own and would like to pursue an Aqua Club membership; 
    Those who are not members currently but wish to be are welcome to apply for membership. There is no preferential treatment of someone whose relative is a current member. Each person applying to be a member is subject to the same membership application (and $100 fee) and waitlist policy. 

  • Member looking to transfer your membership to a family member;
    Please note: this can only be done at the time you sell your  home /transfer of membership process to said individual. Please see Aqua Club bylaws, membership change and membership application form for additional details, if this applies to you. 

  • Member recently divorced/remarried/had a life event or change; 
    Please reach out to [email protected]com to confirm details surrounding your membership certificate holder and your potential available options. 
As a member you are allowed guests to share the pool + grounds, in accordance with our guest policy
Members are allowed 25 guest passes for the season per membership (with a limit of 4 time per individual, $5/swimmer each time).* We hope you can enjoy the pool with your family and friends and ask that you review our guest policy as you plan their visit. If you plan to bring over 4 guests at a time - please reach out to staff prior and be sure to follow check-in processes.  

Members are also welcome to rent the clubhouse and enjoy the additional amenity of having their guests swim during an overlapping open swim time, during their rental period --- without their guests counting against their annual total or individual limits (but still paying the $5/swimming guest fee). 
*Additionally, there are some opportunities for those who are not members who help with member's children caregiving to access the pool (by Aqua Club member submission and board approval only, as a guest pass exception). Please review the associated email and process for applying for guest pass exceptions.  

I'd like to change my membership status - how do I do that? 
Please review Aqua Club bylaws and the Membership change form to see what options are available to you. In order to make a change to your membership status you must first submit a Membership Change form. Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions. 

I have a question, concern or feedback -- who can I contact? 
Please review this page and reach out to the appropriate person or alias. Members are also welcome to attend monthly board meeting. Please note, the board is composed of volunteers - please reach out directly to staff if you have a question or concern needing immediate attention. 

How do I stay engaged with Aqua Club communications and updates? 
  • Team Unify - Where Aqua Club related emails come from for members (be sure to set up your online account). 
  • GoMotion - Where members and the public go to sign up + pay for for tennis, dive and swim lessons
  • - Where to go for all schedules, programs, clubhouse rental information, lesson, policy, rules and news.