The Aqua Club club is a private swim, tennis and social club that welcomes new members regularly.


Is there a waiting list?
Yes. It's linked from this membership page.

What is the average number of years it takes for a family to get in?
Approximately 5-7 years.  There is usually a turnover of 10-30 memberships per year. In addition, not everyone on the wait list will join when their name comes up.

How much does it cost to put my name on the waiting list?
$100 Wait list/processing fee is non-refundable.

Are there boundary restrictions? Preferential geographic zones for membership?
No, the Aqua Club accepts members regardless of their place of residence!  
However, there is a geographic area which receives preferential placement on the waiting list. Please click here for more information.

How much is membership and yearly dues?

See the Membership Page for relevant costs.

One-Time Membership Joining fee       $1500.00
Annual membership fee    $800.00 Including tax (as of October 2017)

Are there any hidden costs that I should be aware of?

The costs of lessons (swim, tennis, and diving) are not included in the membership fee.  Swim Team is an additional yearly fee. Optional social events may or may not have a fee associated with the activity.

The club may assess members for additional funds for capital improvement projects.

Are tryouts required for the swim, tennis, and/or diving?
Generally no, however there are suggestions for both swim and tennis team that can be found on each of the site specific pages.

If we decided to sell our membership is that possible and how much will we get back?
You receive back 33% of your initial joining fee, plus a portion of your annual fee if you sell during the season. Membership Change Form.

How long is the operating season?
The operating season typically runs from the weekend before Memorial Day to the weekend after Labor Day.  If you would like more Aqua Club time beyond that please check out our Winter Membership page.

** All fees and policies are subject to change at any time **