Aloha and Welcome to Hawaiian Swimming!

If you are new to swimming here in Hawaii and are looking for a team, please click here for the Hawaiian Swimming Team Directory.

As parents you are central to the physical, emotional, and character development of your children. Becoming involved in the sport of swimming will provide great opportunities for you and your children to achieve excellence in all dimensions of your child's development while enjoying a great family oriented sport. You will see how this sport depends on the engagement of not only the swimmers but the parents to achieve our shared goals in competition and in growing healthy, well-adjusted, and successful young persons. To help you fully use this opportunity for the good of your children and your family, USA Swimming has developed resources designed to assist you as the parent in your child's sport and character development. Please click here for the link to USA Swimmjng's Parent Resources.

Click here for the Growing Champions for Life.

For some insights on Being a Swim Parent and how you support your child by fostering enjoyment and learning as well as contributing to your child's individual success in the pool click on Education for Parents!

We hope your experience in swimming will be as rewarding for you as it will be for your child. There are many opportunities to volunteer with your team to help make the clubs grow and build a great environment for your child to grow in the sport. Our swim competitions are conducted by adult volunteers, most of whom have children in the sport. Among the officials you will see, some are still working with the athletes and coaches long after their children have graduated from the sport. Being an official at the meet (whether timing, judging the competition, organizing the event as a clerk of course) is an enjoyable way to participate in your child's activity, modeling the sort of volunteer service you hope they will do as well. Swimming depends on volunteers, and volunteers not only enable us to run meets, but you become a better person for the gift of service you give. Officials will tell you that it is also FUN!

E Komo Mai! (Welcome!) to Hawaiian Swimming!