Deck Pass & OnDeck
Click here to go to the USA Swimming's Deck Pass page, where you can watch the Deck Pass Overview video & learn how to get started & connected!

Click here to go to Team Unify's website for more information about the mobile app, OnDeck- Parent.

Track Your Progress
The USA Swimming web site has a database of every meet registered time you have at a USA Swimming meet.  It is very comprehensive!
Motivational Time Standards
Here you will find age group time standards designed to encourage age group swimmers to step their swimming up to the next level. Starting at Level B and going up to Level AAAA times, this is the place to find cuts that will help make you faster.
For Swimmers
USA Swimming is made up of 300,000 swimmers. From big to small, fast to not-so-fast, the world of swimming is a fun, competitive, healthy world.  USA Swimming athletes come in all shapes and sizes.  In this section, you will find out how you can be a part of this exciting world!
For Parents
Parents serve as role models and their children emulate their attitudes. Be aware of this and strive to be positive role models. Most importantly, show good sportsmanship at all times toward coaches, officials, opponents and teammates. Remember that you are teaching your child at all times.
A mobile app OnDeck Parent is available from the itunes store to track your child's time and personal bests for parents that have an iphone, smartphone or ipod touch.
Becoming an Official
Want to get started as an official and help USA Swimming run consistent, high-quality and technically-correct competitions?
Moon Aqua Club Referral Form
Do you know someone who would be a great addition to our team? Refer them to us and have them give us a try. Once they are registered on the team for 2 months you will receive a $50.00 credit to your account. Click here to printout a form.
Moon Aqua Club Alumni & College Swimming
Our team is always interested in how our athletes are doing in college.  Also, if your swimmer is interested in college swimming there is a lot of information for swimmer's & parent's via the USA Swimming's College Intro Page.