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Registering with the Duncan Swim Team is easy! and ongoing throughout the season

NO EXPERIENCE is necessary to join our Team.  
Minimum entry into our program is
1) 'water safe' in deep water and
2) is able to work well in groups.



New Swimmers

New and interested swimmers: we have an easy 2 step process to join into the Stingrays' Nationally recognized I Can Swim "Jr 'Rays" learn - to - swim program:

  1. 5 minute scheduled assessment where the DST Coach will determine your swimmer's skill level
  2. In consultation with you, we will determine how our program would fit best for your family

Typically, the newest swimmers would begin with our Nationally Recognized I Can Swim (ICS) entry level program that runs Monday thru Friday where you choose to do a 1 day, 2 day, or 3 day per week program.  Our season runs coinciding with the school year from Oct to June with the option of doing the full season, portions, or even a single month.

We recommend doing a schedule of a Tuesday & Thursday program, or the Monday & Wednesday program but this is not mandatory.  Please note though that placement in groups is dependent on group availability and those who elect to do the M/W or T/Th 'full' program will receive priority for space. 


We also assist with sponsorship applications.  Please visit our "Sponsor Us!" page for more information.


Please contact our Head Coach Leanne for more information 

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Set up your swimmer's assessment TODAY by contacting:

Leanne: DST's Head Coach 250 710 3278


Forms for completion:

  1. DST Athlete Information Form 2017/18 
  2. DST / SwimBC Personal Information Consent Form 2017/18

Forms for reference:

  1. Code of Conduct & Rights and Responsibilities 2017/18
  2. Terms and Conditions & Fees Structure
    (please contact for this information)



Please note: Upon registering, all Stingrays members must retain their own CAC Access Card. For more information please visit the District of North Cowichan website at

'Out of Area' members have the opportunity to use their Fundraising amounts towards this.  This amount will be rebated back to the family at the rate up to 75% of total funds raised.  Questions?  Please contact