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General Information


To register as a returning swimmer you must sign into your account, and click on Join the Team on the home page to go through the online registration process. For those who do not have an existing account with us, or are having trouble signing in, please email the Team Manager at, and we will send you your account information. If you have any questions regarding registration, please feel free to contact the office.

Team Manager Communication

We try and have most information on our website.  If you have any questions or concerns, please email our Team Manager at for the quickest reply.  

Parent Role

It is often very overwhelming to begin each step of your swimmer's movement through our club. Our Swim Parent's Role guideline will give you some basic ideas for what to do at each level of the club. If you have any questions remember you can always contact your coach(es) and they will be happy to help! 

Volunteer Policy

You will find information on our new volunteer policy, how you can get involved with the swim club. There is also information on our Fundraising and Social/Events Committees. Parent involvement plays a major role in how successful our programs run, and we encourage all parents to get involved.

New Parents

New parents may find it difficult to navigate through the swimming world. Please visit our new parent page, where you can find pointers on everything from understanding how a swim meet works, to nutritional tips and how to be a great swim parent.

Code of Conduct

Other important information you can find here is the Parent Code of Conduct as well as the St. John's Legends Code of Conduct. Both of these documents are important and should be reviewed and followed by both swimmers and parents.

Expense Claim Form

If you have worked as a chaperone or helped out with an event and require the club to repay you. Please submit an Expense Form to the office and it will be paid promptly.

Child Fitness Tax 

Tax receipts will no longer be sent out. The Child Fitness Tax has been discontinued for 2017 and forward. For more information visit the Canada Revenue Agency website

Competitive Swimmers Nutrition Information

This year our experienced competitive swimmers were given a nutrition presentation by MJ Losier.  The basics for what to feed your swimmers during training and competitions are outlined in this summary


My First Swim Meet FAQ