Things To Know

Team Communication

There are numerous ways that we communicate to keep everyone informed and up to date on events. 

website ( make sure we have an email address that someone from your family checks daily.

text messaging-please make sure we have cell numbers for parents as well as swimmers on file, sometimes if we have to cancel practice at the last minute this is the easiest way.

mailbox-each family has a folder in the CRCY mailbox, check daily for any important information.

email-you can email Coach David with any questions/concerns you may have about anything.

veteran swim parents-these parents have valuable knowledge to help you get information.

Swimmer Information

Some Training Groups are at the pool 2-3 hours each night, if possible send a light "swimmer snack" everyday for your swimmer to eat prior to practice (fruit, crackers or bagel with peanut butter/cheese, water/gatorade).  Junk food will NOT cut it for your swimmer.

Swimmers need to come to practice on time and be ready to get in the pool at their specific start time.  ALL stretching, using the restroom, and filling up water bottles need to be done prior to pool time.  Swimmers waste much needed pool time by not being prepared. 

Make sure your swimmer is equipped for practice daily-tennis shoes (if they participate in dryland-Jr/Sr groups ONLY), practice suit, goggles, swim cap, water bottle, towel and necessary equipment (fins/paddles/snorkel). 

Swim Meet Volunteer

All of our swimmers expect and deserve a well-run meet.  They rely on parents' efforts to make sure each meet session has enough timers, officials, hospitality workers, computer/console workers, runners, awards, bullpen, etc.

Hosted swim meets are an important part of the CRCY Swim Team.  These provide our swimmers with great "home meet" opportunities and allow swimmers to compete in soundly run meets.  They also raise a significant amount of revenue.  Without these swim meets the Program Fees would be significantly increased for each swimmer.

We understand that at times some families may not be in an optimal position to assist.  It is required that ALL parents work a minimum of two (2) sessions at the CRCY Christmas Classic and a minimum one - two (1-2) sessions at the Heart Breaker Invitational/Practice Meet.  ALL CRCY hosted meets will require parent volunteers.  Throughout the swim season we are required to provide timers and officials at away meet, I will ask for volunteers primarily then I will assign the position if it has not been filled.  With this system we are attempting to minimize the burden on only a few individual families.  We DO keep track of how much time each family volunteers.