Time Standards

Time Standards & Championship Meets Explained



Motivational Time Standards

  • USA Swimming releases motivational time standards on a 4 year basis. The time standards include B, BB, A, AA, AAA, and AAAA times for each age group.


  • Motivational time standards are used for goal setting as well as to control size of swim meets (the higher level meet, the lower amount of swimmers who have achieved the fastest time standards).


  • These times are figured by the last time of the top 16 for the previous four years and is compared to the 16th fastest time in an age group for the current year. If there is no difference, the motivational time standard remains the same.


To view the motivational time standards released by USA Swimming, please click the link below:

Motivational Time Standards



Championship Meets

  • Michigan Swimming has a three-tiered Championships meet series in February and March.


  • Two sets of time standards, Q2 and Q1, are used to determine where each athlete can swim each event. Q1 and Q2 times are specific to Michigan Swimming and have a standard for achievement in all three courses: SCY (25 yards), SCM (25 meters), and LCM (50 meters).


  • Swimmers should work with their coaches to determine which Championship meets are in their best interest. It is common for athletes to swim at multiple championship meets. For example, an athlete who has achieved four Q2 times could plan to swim those four races at the Jr Olymipcs while racing the other events at the District Championship meet.


  • Michigan swimming will assign teams to one of four different sites for the District Championships, and one of three different sites for the Jr Olymipcs. Michigan State Championships are divided into two meets: a 12 & Under Championship and a 13-14/Open Championship.


To look at specific time standards, please click the link below:

USA & Michigan Swimming Time Standards