Swimmer/Parent Info

Swimmers and Parents new to swimming sometimes feel themselves overwhelmed with all the new terminology and lingo... let us help!

Basic Info:

What do I need for practice? Swimmers should have a tight fitting one piece suit, cap, and goggles. RCA will provide one practice cap for each swimmer. Suits should not have "growing room" and it is recommended to wear speedo, TYR, or dolfin suits. Goggles should fit well on the head and eyes. A general rule of thumb, if the goggles are "cute" then they likely don't work well. (Think about those "shark eyes" goggles- Not for practices!)

How much should I practice? As with any sport or activity, the more your put in, the more you get out! It is really a personal decision based on your goals for development. RECOMMENDED GUIDES: 8 and under swimmers= 2-3 times a week; 9-10 year olds= 3 times a week; 11-12= 3-4 times a week; 13 and over= as much as offered.

Swimming in Iowa provides all kinds of competition levels. The beginner swimmers typically swim in meets close to home. Events will be suggested by coaches based on what is being worked on in practices. Beginning swimmers will train in each season to culminate with the "Regional swim meet." This meet also serves as a last chance meet to earn state qualifying times.  As swimmers develop skills an drop times, goals will set set to achieve Q times. What is a Q time? A Q time is a "qualifying time" to be eligible to swim the state championship swim meet. There are 2 championships meets per year, one in February and one in July. A swimmer can swim any event in which they have a Q time.