Fox Valley Swimming-Registration Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to register to come to evaluations? Yes, we need you to register before you come to the evaluation.

What happens at evaluations?  Swimmer will be check in, given an evaluation card and brought to the pool deck.   8 and under swimmers will be asked to swim 20 yards of each stroke, older swimmers will have a warm-up set and then asked to swim  a distance of each stroke.  They will have the race start (dive) evaluated.   Parents can observe from the pool balcony, please refrain from communicating with your swimmer during the eval.

How do I find out about the eval?  You will receive an email within 10 days-the possible results can be

A.      Your swimmer has been placed in the (group you have registered for)

B.      The coaching staff recommends that your swimmer be placed in the Team Development Group.

C.      The coaching staff recommends that your swimmer continue with swim lessons.

Do I need to join USA Swimming? Yes, we are proud to be part of the national organization and require membership.

What is Team Development Group? TDG is designed for novice swimmers that either are not ready for the regular team or cannot commit to the regular group practice schedule.  They practice three times per week, mostly in the small pool, and are eligible for our home meets only.



What is dryland?  Dryland is training that takes place in the gym-activities vary by age group but can include, running, weight lifting, stretching, core muscle work or games of kick ball.

What other fees can I expect? With registration you have paid your USA swimming registration for the year and one half of your registration fee.  The second half is due in September;  this amount will be automatically applied to your account and, if you have set up auto pay, charged to your account (or deducted for your checking account).  Registration included three team t-shirts and a latex cap.

Swim suits, warm-ups and sweatshirts are not included but will be for sale in September.

Meet entry fees will be invoiced to your account with each meet entered.  They average $30 for a three day swim meet, which are nonrefundable.  If you fail to complete your assigned job at a home meet a fine of $50-$100 will be added.

The fall registration fees cover the season that runs from Sept. to mid Feb. for most swimmers and will cover the short course championship season for qualified swimmers.


How many swim meets will we have? We will participate in 7-9 meets over the course of the season.  We will add them to the event page as soon as we have the information, and you will have a chance to commit to the entry or decline the entry.

Please feel free to send any questions not covered here to