ZAP is a swimmer-centered, coach-driven, parent-supported, team-minded program. Our parent Z-Force is vitally important and by registering your athlete(s) on our year-round team you are also committing yourself. The role of a swim parent is an important one, not just for the support of the team, but as the example you set for your child(ren). All ZAP parents make up our Z-Force. We rely on you to help make this team great, and for what you put in, your athlete(s) will benefit ten-fold.

If you have a quick question, call the ZAP Parent Hotline


If you get voice mail, please leave your name, a number to call you back on and your question so your call may be returned with an accurate answer!

For more parent information, slide your cursor over the "parent" tab for the entire drop-down menu!