Volunteer Positions

Announcer – The announcer runs the PA system and announces the swimmers, events, announcements, and winners.  For finals, the announcer will announce the swimmers prior to the event. Announcers should report a minimum of 30 minutes before the start of the meet to make any necessary announcements that the coaches/officials need to make. Minimum age of 18. THIS IS A SKILLED POSITION THAT REQUIRES TRAINING. ANNOUNCERS MUST HAVE EXTENSIVE KNOWLEDGE OF HOW A SWIM MEET OPERATES.

Awards – This person works in the office during the meet and puts labels on the ribbons/medals and separates them by team. Minimum age of 15. THIS IS A SKILLED POSITION THAT REQUIRES 1 TRAINING SESSION

Head Timer – The Head Timer runs two stop watches as back up to the timers in case of a faulty watch or if a watch did not start on time. The Head Timer will exchange his/her watch with the timers watch so that the timer can properly record the swimmers time. The head timer is responsible for setting up the clipboards 45 minutes prior to the meet and making sure that lane sheets are printed and in order. The head timer also makes sure that pencils are sharpened and watches are working 45 minutes prior to the meet. The head timer must be an experienced timer and be a minimum age of 18.

Timer – This is one of the most important jobs in a swim meet. We cannot start the meet until all timer positions are filled. There are two timers per lane, one starts and stops a watch and the other stops a plunger and records the time. THERE IS A MANDATORY TIMERS MEETING 20 MINUTES PRIOR TO EVERY MEET. Timers will be trained during the timers meeting and any inexperienced timer will be placed with an experienced timer. This position requires an extensive amount of sitting and standing. You MUST be physically able to get out of your chair at the completion of every heat. Please dresscomfortably and be prepared that your shoes may get wet. Minimum age 14.

Relief Timer – The relief timer provides backup for timers who need a short break. The relief timer will ask the timers throughout the meet if they need a break and will fill in momentarily. The relief timers are also responsible for preparing and taking out drinks/snacks to the timers. The relief timer must be an experienced timer and be a minimum age of 14.

Concessions/Hospitality – The concessions volunteers run the concession stand, sell snacks and drinks and serves food to the coaches and staff. NO CHILDREN UNDER THE AGE OF 18 ARE PERMITTED IN THE CONCESSION/HOSPITALITY AREA AT ANY TIME!! Minimum age 18.

Marshall – The Marshall makes sure that all parents stay off the deck and provide security for the locker room area. Marshalls are stationed by the exit doors and by the locker room doors and wear bright orange vests so that they are easily identified. Minimum age 18.

Runner – Runners collect the recorded time slips from the timers and slips from the DAK and post final times on the wall. THIS POSITION REQUIRES A LOT OF FAST WALKING, COMFORTABLE SHOES ARE RECOMMENDED. Minimum age 16. THIS IS A SKILLED POSITION THAT REQUIRES 1 TRAINING SESSION.

Shepherd – Shepherds help the younger swimmers line up before their events and will escort them to the blocks. Shepherds are also in charge of managing the team area and maintaining a safe and positive environment. – Minimum age of 18 and must be familiar with how a meet runs.

Daktronics – The DAK person runs the timing system and scoreboards during meets. This is a SKILLED POSITION AND REQUIRES 2 TRAINING SESSIONS. Minimum age 18.

Official – Officials oversee starting and stopping the events and making sure all events are swum in legal fashion according to the USA Swimming Rule Book. THIS POSITION REQUIRES TRAINING AND CERTIFICATION. Minimum age of 18.



Q: We are new to CAT; do we have to volunteer?

A: Yes, all members Bronze-National are required to volunteer at every CAT hosted meet.


Q: My child will not be swimming in the meet, do I have to volunteer?

A: Yes, the volunteer requirement is for all members, even when your child is not competing.


Q: Do we have to volunteer at EVERY meet?

A: No, only CAT hosted meets. Any meet that is scheduled away, does not require a volunteer commitment.


Q: Why do we have to volunteer?

A: CAT is a year-round COMPETITIVE swim team. Meets allow our swimmers to compete several times a year. Our meets are solely run on volunteers which helps keep our membership fees at a low affordable cost.


Q: I have never volunteered before and am new to swimming, what can I do?

A: The BEST position to sign up for if you are new is to be a Timer. Timers start and stop the watches for every swimmer and all positions must be full before the start of the meet. Timers will have a meeting and training with the officials prior to the start of every meet (usually 15 minutes before start) and will go over all rules and answer any questions. This position gives you deck access and is the "perfect" seat to watch your child compete. We suggest that all new swim parents start volunteering in this position to get a feel of the meet and then if they desire to train in a skilled position later, can do so at a later meet.


Q: I must work and cannot volunteer; how can I fulfill my requirement?

A: Anyone can volunteer for you if they volunteer under your account name so that you get credit - friend, family, or even child over the age of 14 years old.


Q: What is a "Session"?

A: A session is a time slot. You can fulfill your positions at any time on any day. If there is a 3-session requirement, you need to have your family name on the sign up 3 times, it doesn't matter if it is on the same day/time. Multiple family members can volunteer at the same time fulfilling your requirements.