Who We Are

Pacific Northwest Swimming (PN) is a Local Swimming Committee (LSC) member of USA Swimming,  the national governing board for the sport of competitive swimming in the United States. PNS is a non-profit organization made up of individual (athlete, coach, and non-athlete) and group (club or affiliated) members.

VISION: Achieving Excellence While Fostering Growth
CORE VALUES: Vision, Teamwork, Excellence
MISSION: Pacific Northwest Swimming provides leadership and opportunities for excellence in aquatics through competitive swimming.

PNS is operated in accordance with a set of By-Laws by 3 organizations:

House of Delegates:  
A body of representatives of all group members, the Board of Directors, and separate coach, athlete and at large representatives.  This body meets once a year, and is charged with overall management of LSC business.

Board of Directors:  
A committee of elected, appointed and ex-officio officers, representatives and committee chairs charged with day-to-day operation and management of the LSC.  Click here for a summary of the responsibilities of each Board of Directors position.

Zone Board of Review:  
A committee of elected members charged with review and adjudication of complaints, protests and appeals regarding the administration and operation of swimming within the jurisdiction of the Western Zone.