Interested in our ZAP Premier Team?

Here are answers to our most frequently asked questions!..

How many days a week do the swimmers need to commit to being at practice? Swimmers should expect to commit to a minimum of 3 when they start and it increases from there. The only exception is our Stroke Academy 1 group (5-7 year olds) and they are offered practices 2x/week.

What time of the day are practices held? Each group is different but most groups are during the school week, with a start time after 4pm. Some of our older athletes do practice before and after school, but this is only appropriate for older, more experienced athletes.

Are swim meets against other swim teams or within ZAP? The Premier Team swimmers compete against other swimmers on USA Swimming chartered teams. The geographic location of these teams widens as the swimmers get more advanced.

Where are the swim meets held? For new swimmers, meets are typically held within an hour radius of PV. (ie: as north as Malibu, and as east as Downey). Our more advanced swimmers may travel greater distances several times each season, depending on their level and meets they qualify for.

What days of the week are swim meets held? Meets are usually Sat/Sun. Sometimes they are just one day, sometimes they are two. Advanced swimmers may qualify for certain championship meets that run anywhere from 3-5 days. Meets are not every weekend; usually once a month, sometimes 2x/mo.

Are all swim meets mandatory? Meets are not mandatory but we do want the kids swimming as many as they qualify for, and DEFINITELY the championships. Learning to race and navigate meets is just as much of a skill as the strokes are. That being said, we know that every now and then there are conflicts but we hope to avoid conflicts when possible by doing long-term planning. If a swimmer doesn't want to compete, SQUAD will be a much better fit.

What are the fees per swim meet? Usually $20-40/meet. The bigger championship meets (as the kids get older/faster) can run up to around $100 for entry fees (travel expenses are seperate).

What are the fees for the premier team? Premier team training fees vary from group to group, but all groups are on a 9-payment schedule (Sept-May) that covers the 11-months (Sept-July) swim year.

How long is the commitment for? Swimming is year-round so you are committing for the full year (2 seasons) Sept-July.