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Schaumburg Barracudas 2018

Thank you for your interest in the Schaumburg Barracudas Swim Team. Our goal is for every swimmer to have fun while improving strokes, experience competitions, and begin their life-long love of the sport of swimming.

We offer an opportunity for those trying out a new sport, or mildly interested to extremely interested in competing, and pre-season High School swimmers to experience all that the sport of swimming has to offer.  

Swimmers and parents wanting to experience competitions without traveling far will enjoy our program.The swim meets we compete in typically only require a thirty or less minute drive. 

We offer flexible training options.  This allows swimmers to participate in other sports, school activities, and complete school work.

We are extremely proud of our team and hope you will have an awesome experience with us.



Contact Information

E-mail the head coaching staff with any questions or comments. Coaches are available to answer questions before or after practice not during practice. Practice time is for the swimmers!

Head Coach

Kodey Visitacion


Barracuda Administrator

Stacy Johnson

Schaumburg Park District

Stacy is available for any and all questions or comments regarding the team, practice schedule, or registration.



All team information is available on our website.  Once registered with our team you will receive a password to access your own personal account on our website.


Please note: We rent the pool facilities from H.S. Dist. 211.  Dist. 211 will not be able to answer questions about practice times, locations, or other contact information.


Barracuda Board

Barracuda Board members are approved at the beginning of each Fall Season for a one-year term.  Board members wishing to remain for another term may do so with an approval vote. If a member of the board chooses to leave for any reason a parent meeting will be called to fill the open Board seat.  Duties of each board member will be determined by the board.  The Board is responsible for all financial decisions not related to the Park District.   The Board meets once a month.


Barracuda Board Contact Information





Jeff Kowalski


Beverly Zemaitaitis


Suzanne Funkhouser






Beverly Zemaitaitis




Booster Club

The Booster Club helps the coaching staff with ribbon distribution, team parties, and the Barracuda Buck Store. In order for the Barracudas to run successfully we need parent volunteers.  The booster club meets once at the beginning of the season.



Each parent or guardian must fill out and sign a Swimmer Info and Medical form in order for a swimmer to participate on the team.  We also use these forms to create an account for our families on our website.  If you do not fill out a form we can’t create an account for your family.  You may pick up a form at registration or download a copy from the website located under the forms tab.

Additional Fees

Team Fee

Each competitive season a Team Fee will be collected from each family.  All collected Team Fees cover the cost of conference fees, ribbons, additional training equipment, computer maintenance, software updates, ISI/AAU charters, ISI meet staffing, continuing ed., team parties, and Barracuda Buck store items.  It is extremely important that the Team Fee is paid each season so the Barracudas can function properly. 

The Team Fee is currently $50.00 for one swimmer and $10 for each additional swimmer.  The Team Fee is subject to change.

Registration fees paid to SPD cover the cost of pool rentals and coaching staff.  The Barracuda Board is responsible for all other team expenses. 



Each athlete must be protected by one of the following memberships to swim with our team.

ISI, Illinois Swimming Inc. the LSC for USA swimming

Annual membership fee: $77 (SEP-DEC)

required for all USA Team swimmers



Amateur Athletic Union (AAU)

Amateur Athletic Union fee:  $14  (SEPT-AUG)

required for all other swimmers


Membership forms may be filled out at registration or downloaded from the website located under the

forms tab.


Practice Locations


Fall, Winter, and Spring Seasons

Hoffman Estates High School


Summer Season

Meineke Outdoor Pool


Swimming Groups
Check Calendar for practice times and locations.

Beginner Team

Required Equipment: kick board

Introduction to competitive swimming with a focus on proper stroke technique.


Intermediate Team

Required Equipment: kick board

Proper stroke technique and increased endurance.  Must be able to swim 50 yards in all four competitive strokes. 


Advanced Team

Required Equipment: kick board, pull buoy

Focus is on endurance, speed and a higher level of competition.  Must be able to swim 100 yards in all four competitive strokes.



Swimmers must be active ISI members.  This team is for committed athletes and families with a strong desire to compete.  This Team is coached by our ISI non-athlete member coaching staff. Swimmers must participate in two ISI meets per competitive season.

Required Equipment: kick board, pull buoy, training style fins, swim snorkel, hand paddles, water bottle 

ISI Meets

       ISI is an acronym for Illinois Swimming Inc. and is the local swim council for USA Swimming.

Only ISI members are able to participate in ISI meets. Meet schedule is determined by our board Vice President. 

            A $35 fee is collected for each participant for each meet, except for meets where there are preliminary and final rounds where the fee will be $45 or one day meets the fee will be $20.  The fees for Championship meets will be determined by the board each Fall season for the year.  Fees are subject to change. Checks made payable to Schaumburg Barracudas must be handed to James Bany, Jeff Kowalski, or a Head Coach prior to the meet.


Swimmer Incentives

Barracuda Bucks

      Barracuda Bucks are earned by swimmers for any swimming related accomplishment such as goal achievement, new skill achievement, improved time, or improved skill. The coaching staff is responsible for rewarding swimmers with Barracuda Bucks.  Bucks will always be earned at the coach’s discretion.

            Swimmers need to save all Barracuda Bucks earned.  It is a good idea for swimmers to keep a zip-lock style bag in their swim bag to keep track of Bucks. They can use Bucks to purchase swimming gear/items at our Barracuda Buck Shop.  The Shop will be open at all home meets during Summer season, team parties, inter-squad meets.  Swimmers will be notified of additional Shop times during our Fall, Winter, and Spring seasons.


      Ribbons are awarded for first to fourth place finishes for dual meets, and for first to sixth place finishes for championship meets.

            Booster Club members create and maintain ribbon mailboxes.  Ribbons will be available for pick up one week after a swim meet or at our end of season parties.


Swim Meets

            We belong to the Central Illinois Swim Conference. Once you have paid the Team Fee no additional fees will be collected to participate in conference meets. 

            Swim meets are a fantastic way for swimmers to track progress and accomplish goals.  We encourage everyone to participate in our conference dual meets. Please note that swim meet sign-ups for Fall, Winter, and Summer seasons are solely on our website. No verbal sign-ups are accepted.

            Meets are held on Saturdays or Sundays during Fall and Winter season.  Summer meets are held on Wednesday evenings or Saturday mornings.

            Swimmers are divided in to age groups and genders for meets.  However, swimmers may be required to “swim up” an age group.  This is necessary in order to accommodate our large team.

            Swimmers do not choose their events; the coaching staff is responsible for choosing events.

            Directions to all swim meets are located on our website.

Parents, please remember that once you have signed up for a meet, your swimmer is committed to participate in that meet. We realize that emergencies and sickness do occur so if you need to drop out of a meet at the last moment, please contact the coaches via Barracuda email. Coaches constantly monitor email before the meet and will be aware of your situation. It’s not fair to the rest of the team to simply not show up as line-ups have to be juggled at the last moment. If you miss a meet and do not notify coaches, your child will swim one less event at the next conference dual meet.


Conference Championships

Winter Season                                 Summer Season

Second Saturday in March                  1st Saturday in August


            Conference bi-laws require that all swimmers must participate in three dual meets to qualify for championship meets.

            The head coaching staff will create the championship line-up for our team using the two best times for each event per each age group. Unfortunately, this means that not all of our swimmers will participate in the meet. We do our very best to include as many of our swimmers as possible.

            Keep in mind when signing up for conference dual meets that the more meets your swimmer attends the more chances they have to earn best times for their age group.


Items to Bring to a Swim Meet




Barracuda swim cap

Water bottle

2 towels (One to dry off with and one to sit on)

Warm clothes to wear in between events (not clothes worn to or from the meet)

A healthy snack to eat after the meet

A permanent marker to writer event numbers on hands


Wear Barracuda gear of red or black to show Barracuda pride

Lawn chair (not all locations have spectator seating)


Please note:  Parent volunteers are needed for each meet



Team Suits

Are required for all meets. 

Swim Caps

All female swimmers must wear a swim cap for practice and meets. Some boys may like to wear caps for practice/meets. Team caps are required for swim meets and are available for purchase from coaching staff or Beverly Zemaitaitis. Cost is $8.  Swimmers may wear any swim cap for practice.


Every swimmer must wear goggles.  It is always helpful to have extra goggles in a swim bag.

Water Bottle

Water is a must for practices and meets.  Sports drinks are okay.

Kick board

Required for all swimmers. Used to support the body while kicking.

Pull Buoy

Required for Silver team, Gold Team, and Blue Team swimmers.  Used to hold hips up during practice without kicking.                                  


Short training style fins are required for Gold Team swimmers. 

No scuba style fins.

Swimming Language


STARTING BLOCKS: at starting end of pool used to dive into the pool

DQ: disqualification of stroke for illegal swimming

I.M.:  individual medley all four competitive strokes

RELAY: four swimmers each doing one leg of the event

SPRINT:  fastest swim        

FLY: butterfly stroke with a dolphin kick and a two-hand wall touch

BACK:  backstroke using a flutter kick

BREAST: breaststroke using a whip kick and a two hand wall touch

FREE: freestyle stroke using a flutter kick

EVENT DISTANCES: 25-one length of the pool, 50, 100, 200 yards or meters

FLIP TURN: somersault style turn for free and back events

OPEN TURN: turn for breast and fly event