Registration Forms

If your child/children are not registered and do not have the dues or partial dues paid they will not be allowed in the pool until registration is taken care of. We are responsible for your child/children when they are at practice, therefore we must have their registration papers on file so they are accounted for.  Even if your child is a returning swimmer they must be registered two weeks in advance of their first meet or they will not be allowed to swim at that meet. You know in advance when your child will begin swimming so please register early so that no one is missed during the registration process.


The 5 forms below must be filled out and turned in before your child enters the pool.

  1. Athlete Code of Conduct
  2. Mariners Waiver Form
  3. USA Athlete registration form 
  4. ‚ÄčSpring or Summer season Seasonal Athlete
  5. Mariners Fall/Winter, Spring and Summer Dues Form
  6. Family Contact Information - Important for emergencies!
  7. New Parents please bring a copy of your swimmers birth certificate.