Most of these athletes started with EHA at the age of five or six and continued with the program through high school and into college.  We are proud of their accomplishments and wish them well in their future careers.

Alumni and family can email me and I will update the information.


Class of 2014

Roxie Barnett - Pursuing a Career in Music 


Alberto Meza - Grand Canyon University 

                        Majoring in Computer Science

Jessica Ramos - University of Redlands 

                         Majoring in Music

Julia Zhao -  University of California, Los Angeles

                         Majoring in


Class of 2013

Kyle Cauldren- Chaffey College  (S) (WP)

                           Majoring in

Michelle Copeland- California State College Sonoma

                           Majoring in

Kailee Mora- Loyola Marymount University (S) (Division I Swimming Scholarship)

                           Majoring in 



Class of 2012

Lindsy Blake-Transfer to Cal Baptist University / Riverside Community College (S) (WP)

                           Majoring in

Louie Cao- University of California, Berkeley 

                           Majoring in Pre-Med

Darienn Ramos - California State University Channel Islands

                           Majoring in

Samantha Stewart -  

                           Majoring in


Class of 2011

Mark Copeland - California State University, Long Beach

                           Majoring in Math

Alaina Egger - Riverside Community College (S) Cal Baptist University  

                           Majoring in

William Koenig - Riverside Community College (S) (WP) 

                           Majoring in

Christopher Lama - University of California, Los Angeles

                           Majoring in

Mark Kate Marnell - University of Nevada, Las Vegas

                           Majoring in Nursing (ROTC)

Jessica Ye - University of California, Berkeley

                           Majoring in


Class of 2010

Shane Blake - Cal Baptist University (S)  - Graduated May 2014

                           Majoring in Liberal Studies

Taylor Glasgow - University of Nevada, Reno

                           Majoring in Mechanical Engineering


Class of 2009

Brandon Faust - United States Military Academy at West Point (S) - Graduated May 2013

                           Majoring in

Elise Koenig - California State University, San Marcos

                           Majoring in Nursing

Marie Ye - University of California, Berkeley - Graduated May 2013

                           Majoring in Pre-Med


Class of 2008

Brian King - Chaffey College (S) (WP) / Concordia University (S) (WP)

                           Majoring in

Rebecca Lama - University of California, Irvine - Graduated June 2012

                           Majoring in

Dana Messmore - University of California, Riverside                       

                           Majoring in

Jared Olivo - University of California, Irvine - Graduated June 2012                 

                           Majoring in Biomedical Engineering

Class of 2007

Courtney Faust - Grossmont College

                          Majoring in (currently working as an EMT in the San Bernardino Area)

Drew Fisher- Chaffey College (S) (WP) / University of Redlands (S) (WP) Graduated May 2011

                         Majoring in Business (currently attending Crafton Hills College Fire Academy)

Class of 2006

Danielle Caver - University of Redlands (S) - Graduated May 2010

                          Majoring in - Liberal Studies and History (Teaching / Coaching-Citrus Valley Valley High School)

Justin Kinder Chaffey College (S) - US Army - 2 tours Afghanistan

                           Majoring in

Danny Lama - University of California, Santa Barbara - Graduated June 2010                        

                          Majoring in Pre-Med - Accepted to Medical School UC Irvine - July 2013

Michael Watson - University of California, Santa Barbara - Graduated June 2010                                                    

                          Majoring in Engineering


 (S) = Swimming     (WP) = Water Polo