San G Swim League

The San Gorgonio Swim League was established to provide an organized competitive swimming program for boys and girls who have not reached their 19th birthday on or before the last regularly scheduled League meet of the competitive season.  The league promotes community pride through support of a representative community swim team and to promote community awareness of the need for appropriately constructed and well equipped municipal pools in all League areas.

 League membership is composed of organized swim teams from various municipalities.  An “organized swim team” is here understood to be one with at least 40 members on it’s paid up League roster. The San Gorgonio Swim League and all member teams are chartered with United States Swimming through registration with Southern California Swimming. 

League membership is open to all teams who formally apply and are accepted by two-thirds of the quorum of the San Gorgonio League Council.  

The league conducts dual meets during the months of April through June.  The league concludes with a league wide championship meet followed by a league All Star for the top qualifiers from championships.