Caring Honesty Respect Responsibility

Sharks, here are a few reminders about meets:

Tech Suits may only be worn at championship meets

  • Dual meet arrival time is 30 minutes before warm up.
  • Invitational meet arrival time is 15 minutes before the first warm up.
  • Sit with the team.
  • Warm up with the team.
  • Wear your team suit and team cap. (no dome caps)
  • Wear your Maroon team shirt on Friday, your Orange team shirt on Saturday and your Blue team shirt on Sunday.
  • 13 and ups are required to wear team warm ups.
  • All relays are decided by the coaches on the day of the meet.
  • Know your events, know your best times.
  • Swimmers are responsible for getting themselves to the blocks on time.
  • Go through your  pre-race routine, stay focused and swim fast!
  • 13 and ups must warm up and cool down after each event if there is a warm up pool.
  • Talk to your coach after your events.
  • Have fun!
  • Stay with your team until the end of a dual meet!
  • Let your coach know when you are going home.
  • Thank Mom and Dad for supporting you in the sport that you love!