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BASS Masters Swim Team at the Williston EDGE Club


The Edge Masters Swim Team members work towards competitive and fitness swimming goals through varied and vigorous workouts, all while having fun!! Swimmers come from a variety of swimming backgrounds including former age-group swimmers, competitive high school and collegiate swimmers, triathletes, and open water marathon swimmers. Our focus is working hard and having fun while we constantly improve our swimming! Although the majority of the members compete in some way throughout the year, there is no pressure to do so.



Coached workouts

Monday : 5:45-7am

Tuesday/Thursday: 5:30-6:45am, 6:45-8am, 10:45-Noon

Wednesday: 7:45-9am

Saturday: 7-8:30am

Contact Emily Mitchell: OR with questions.

Due to limited pool space, Williston Masters Swim Team is not a learn to swim program. Swimmers must have the endurance to swim 400 yards while circle swimming. 



Swimmer-Led workouts

Edge member or day-drop in fee. Contact:

M-W-F 5:30am - 7am


Not quite there yet? The EDGE offers Adult Learn to Swim Lessons! To learn more about Edge Adult Learn to Swim Lessons, click here.

WILLISTON - Program-Pricing:                 

  • $15/Month for Edge Members

  • $55/Month for non-members

  • $50/10-Swims Punch Card for Members; $150/10-swims non-member

  • $180 annual for club members.

  • $16 one-time Drop-In with current USMS Membership Card. (Need a copy of your card? Click HERE.)

An EDGE masters swimmer may also choose to register as a US Masters Swimmer as part of the New England Masters Swim Club (NEM) and member of the Burlington Area Sink or Swim (BASS) workout group to receive national US Masters Swimming benefits.

Watch this video to learn the myriad of reasons Why People Swim Masters?!

OR- this "fan" video called Why I Swim.

Interested in Swimming Save Lives? Please email Assistant Coach Kim Fry:

Past Team Events and Photos:

Top Row: Finished! 100x100, 2014 USMS World Champs in Montreal, Canada, Fun with Olympian Nikki Dryden,

Middle Row: Vermont Sun Women's Overall Winners; VT Senior Games Medal Winners; 100x100 2015,

Bottom Row: Swimming Saves Lives Volunteers, 2016; Coach Emily Mitchell (swimmer) and Kayaker Kristin Fletcher at the Kingdom Swim 2015





USMS Book Club Reading List.

Swim Smooth

The Race Club

United States Masters Swimming

Dryland Training Program

Upcoming / Annual Events


September -  KICKING appreciation month!

October - Breastroke Awarness Month with CAPS! 

October  - Leaf Peepers Meet at UVAC. 

November -  Fall-BACKstroke Month! 

December - 100 x 100  to celebrate New Years!

January - 1-hour e-Postal Swim!

March  - NE Short Crouse Yard Championships at Harvard University

April - Annual Masters Swim Meet /VT Sr Games- Registration

July - Kingdom Swim

August - Swim Across Lake Champlain.


Past Events

2017 Swim Like A Fool/ VT Sr. Games Swim Meet Results 

2016 Leaf-Peepers Meet at UVAC Results

3rd Annual EDGE Spring Fling Masters Meet 

The EDGE Masters Swim Club participated in the Swimming Saves Lives Program this April for Adult Learn to Swim Month. 


USMS One Hour Postal Results... in 2016, EDGE Masters swam a total of 91,199 yards!



EDGE Masters 1 Hour Swim Postal Results: