General Information

Membership and Calendar info: 510-523-9461 or [email protected]

Franklin Pool: 510-522-7600 (Site Only)

Lincoln Pool: 510-522-2411 (Site Only)

Alameda Swimming Pool Association in Alameda California has provided a unique service to the city of Alameda and community, especially the children, with an unparalleled record of community service for the last 60 years.

They provided family swimming, lap swimming, competitive (Alameda Ala-gators), non-competitive age group swimming,  our free kindergarten swim and senior swim. The inspiration and funding for the program originally came from Frank Weeden, Fred Stolte and with the help of some of their close friends and associates. Mr. Weeden maintained that since Alameda is an island, all children should learn to swim. It was a practical matter of public safety as well as providing a healthy activity for the people of Alameda. The primary purpose of the program was for the benefit of the children first, and as an added feature, for their families and the swimming enthusiasts in the city. All this provided, on a per household cost, at a very reasonable cost or free, depending on the program.