What equipment is required?

Required Training Equipment: (from the Parents Handbook)

  • Red: mesh bag, water bottle, fins, kickboard, team suit, team cap

  • White: mesh bag,water bottle, fins, pull buoy, kickboard, team suit team cap

  • Black: mesh bag, water bottle, fins, paddles, pull buoy, kickboard, swimmer’s snorkel, team suit, team cap

  • Silver & HS: mesh bag, water bottle, fins, paddles, pull buoy, kickboard, swimmer’s snorkel, team suit, team cap

What should I bring to a meet?

In addition to the team suit, cap and googles, swimmers should have plenty of extra clothing to wear in between their events. They need dry socks, sweats or warmups, and a couple of towels. Make sure they have plenty of liquids – water and/or gatorade is best and also some healthy light snacks. Food and drinks are usually sold at each event. Bring a blanket and/or chair if the facility has a place for the team to gather and hang out outside the pool area. Click here for more info.

Nutrition 101:

Swimmers are endurance athletes. They have nutritional needs that are far different from a baseball player or soccer player and certainly from someone who does little or no exercise. ALL swimmers MUST have a filled water bottle during practice. Gatorade is probably the best choice, but water will be adequate for swimmers who are in the water for 90 minutes or less. Most of us are probably dehydrated because we don’t drink enough fluids that will properly hydrate our bodies. Athletes need to be especially aware of their hydration needs and this includes swimmers. A dehydrated swimmer will find it difficult to succeed in practice. This becomes critical toward the end of the week- if the tank is empty the engine won’t run. This summer we would like all of our swimmers to become accustomed to having a snack within 30 min of the end of practice. The snack should be something that is HIGH in carbohydrates- a piece of fruit, some pretzels or popcorn, a bagel, dried fruit, juice, yogurt, crackers, a power bar, or even a handful of gummy bears! The human body is extremely receptive to carbohydrates within the first ½ hour post training. These instant carbs will help the body recover from the physiological effects of practice. Swimmers should then have a meal within 1-2 hours after practice.Please feel free to discuss nutrition for swimmers with me. While I am not an expert I do have the resources to find the answers to most questions.

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