Athlete Transfers

Transfers are to be reported to the TISCA Vice-President.  They will be posted here. Members have 30 days from the posting date to contest a transfer by contacting the TISCA Vice-President with the reason for contesting said transfer. Once the transfer has been posted without challenge for 30 days, or once a challenged transfer has been approved by the Eligibility Committee, the athlete's status will be changed from "Pending" to "Approved".

Please click HERE for our online transfer request!

In order to swim in the State Meet, the last day to submit a transfer will be January 7th.

TISCA Transfers
Athlete Name Previous School/Coach New School/Coach Date Posted Status
Carson Kamman Bearden/Justin West/Joe 8/16/19 approved
Abigail Ogan Merrol Hyde Magnet/Ericka Station Camp/Jenn 8/27/19 approved
Evan Freeman Wislon Central/Alex Station Camp/Jenn 8/29/19 approved
Shelton Nicholas Harviel CBHS/Whitney MHEA-Kelsey 9/12/19 pending
Nick Cimorelli Brentwood/Brenda Independence/Dawn 9/16/19 pending
Christian Cimorelli Brentwood/Brenda Independence/Dawn 9/16/19 pending
Brooklyn McCarty Father Ryan/Shannon Brentwood/Brenda 9/19/19 pending
Darren Patton Rennaisance/Dawn MTHEA/Dawn 9/23/19 pending
Savannah Hurst JP2/Hadley Henersonville/Joey 10/3/19 pending
Breanna Belcher Cleveland/Kelly Baylor/Dan 10/3/19 pending